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It seems many players don't realise that it's free. I think you should make it more clear.
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Even when you actually try to "buy" something, there's nothing to remind you it's free. A Steam pop-up will alert you and ask permission for the "sale", but nothing will actually be charged to your account.

Very unclear because it really seems you're giving permission to have some money charged to your Steam wallet account...


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It's very unclear what's going on with the free store... when "buying" in-game it really looks like you're actually being charged. And you'll receive e-mails from Steam saying you've purchased something.

However, those "sales" don't seem to show up if I look at the list of store transactions in Steam itself -- so I'm assuming nothing has actually been charged to my Steam wallet or my credit card.

This really should be clarified so as not to scare people off... I was freaking out a bit when I thought I had actually bought stuff for nearly 100 euro in total -- which I would never ever do if the game was actually charging me for it.
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That's more or less how it works on Steam, and it's unfortunately out of our control. We did realize the problem and added the reminder in the news feed running in the main menu, but it's definitely not an ideal solution. Our apologies.