Author Topic: does anyone know the track on Stadium?  (Read 855 times)


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hey guys,
i drove some elimination races on small stadium and mudpit and they're so much fun. but on stadium i don't find the track. i experienced you can get the "off track" sign depending on your starting position: on some you get it, on others not.

AI is not helping:

how to start a race on stadium?
simple rename a race mode to a derby mode (copy first and of course backup the derby mode) and then you can start all race modes on derby arenas native! but no derby modes any more, they count as race tracks then. simply switching names back makes the changes reverse.
EDIT: you find them in Steam\SteamApps\common\Bugbear Entertainment\data\property\settings\gamemode

but you may want to backup your records file to not see best lap times on derby arenas all the way.
EDIT: this file is the "records.ercs" file found in Steam\userdata\[your ID]\228380\local\wreckfest early access
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