Author Topic: Shorter tracks needed before Build 8 Rolls Out!  (Read 8190 times)


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Short Tarmac 2 route, please.


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Short Tarmac 2 route, please.

Using sky cam, I'm not seeing any short track possibles?  Care to post pic of what you have in mind Guy?

edit: I bookmark this thread into my custom track idea folder.  :)

Giving a rise to this old thread as inspiration for Purple44's figure 8 track pack. Some good ideas popped up in here. lol

I agree with Zeb.  :D

Here 2 tracks I think I will do for my fig 8 pack:

Zeb idea:

And Brain idea:

And a maybe on Jimmy's clam track:

I'm thinking I need to find some off-road part of a track that on the bumpy side and make it a short track so we can make it a 10 lapper race.   :D
Flatout Joint, where the mods were.

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