Author Topic: Track design: 1= Butterfly (double cross)  (Read 1124 times)

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I don't know anything but sketchup and I don't know that well either but I thought I'd try something out.

Start grid would be on middle diamond. Jump ramps in the middle, banked curves overground flat underground. Tunnels to rejoin track if you're knocked off the track to below.

Shortish dangerous track for a few laps and a few pack shuffles along the way

Any tips on either making or designing welcome.


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I like the 4 leaf clover design, but I only see the crossing at the diamond. The cars don't cross at the jumps, so jumps are safe from T-bones.

This kind of 4 leaf track from Flatout 2 had 4 crossings. :)

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Flatout Joint, where the mods were.

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Yeah I admit after some sleep, double cross it isn't. I got confused as to where the heck I'd be going on my own track  :P

I thought that there's the pass through underneath plus the opportunity above to get pushed off line by someone else and crash at the jump, so that'd be enough, what with the 2 risky banked corners for similar reasons. No barriers aside from the tub around the play area.

The original idea was to get the cars jumping each way but not across each others path. So there's a little more head on risk but no guaranteed smashes unless you're off line.

But I spent way too long on it without a concrete plan and this came out

Thanks for the pic, I didn't mean to recreate that but it came to mind somewhere along the way and has similarities (but super cross) ;D

I'll try and do better.
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Dirt Showdown had a track where there where multiple jump crossovers, it worked well as you would have several cars all flying and then you got the airborne Tbones
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