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After the amount of custom gamemode discussion, I figured I might make a thread like the Custom Skins Thread, but for gamemodes.
This could help people wanting to spice their games a little or run a server with more gamemode variety.
Include the following:
Link to gmpl (unless its W.I.P)
A brief summary of the gamemode.
A screenshot/video (optional)
Since I recently verified the games cache, I don't have any gamemodes to show case as an example, sorry.
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Here the lowdown on Cops and Robbers mod and x-tremest been using mod for Red Rover.

Cops and Robbers mod online Saturday, Aug 29th

Here the download link for the files needed to host Cops and Robbers mod ( turn Wreckfest into Last Team Standing mode):

Be sure to back up your folders and the files being changed before copying\pasting these modded files into the right folders.

Put the ai_start.scne file into \art\levels\gameplayset\sandpit6 folder.  This the startpoints file.

Put the bangerrace.gmpl and teamdeathmatch.gmpl files into \property\settings\gamemode folder.  These 2 modded files give us derbys on the race tracks and Team Deathmatch with no respawning of the wrecked cars.

Thanks go out to ajanhallinta for discovering how to do derbys on the tracks, to WorldofBay for the no respawning file and a BIG thanks to WorldofBay and Errol for helping me figure out the startpoints file so I could do new Cops and Robbers derby startpoints.  :D

I also noticed that you can play Last Man Standing -gamemode on any track, if you clone file data\property\settings\gamemode\lastmanstanding.gmpl and rename it to "bangerrace.gmpl".

Flatout Joint, where the mods were.

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Last Man Wrecking

a derby mode with almost indestructible cars where you have to score hitting points to not get eliminated. posted here. (also follow this link to get my gmpl table for easy game mode editing)

you can set the elimination offset by choosing elimination race as event and setting it there. then start last man wrecking.

since visible damage is not affected but the damage meter is lowered to 1/18 the cars won't die and behave almost like in sneak peek. you will lose 2 wheels (engine doesn't allow you to lose both front or both back wheels) and cars' hitboxes will shrink to a very small size. against AI 1000 points should be sufficient, if anyone tries it in multiplayer there'll be more. but it is designed as singleplayer mode.
thing about this mode is that you keep your car going and score points continously. after every countdown the car with the lowest score will get eliminated. mini euro doesn't really work here because with that car it's really hard to score points.

i wanted to do other modes but there are some bugs that stop me, like the contact timer bug i reported.

i will add human vs AI special elimination later, that is a multiplayer mode (more bots than humans) but can be played in singleplayer, too. its difficulty depends on the track, fig8 is the easiest, speedways probably the hardest. it is a mixture of race, derby and elimination.
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Human vs AI special Elimination
The mode for everybody who always tried to kill all the AI in FlatOut2!

This is a tactical team mode, but without the teams provided by the game, put it in a non-team slot like normal elimination!

Team 1: AI
All the AI play together, they try to survive the humans' attacks by running away. AI wins if there is an AI survivor when all humans are dead. AI cars only die when they get wrecked.

Team 2: Humans
The humans try to wreck all AI cars before they get eliminated. Play tactical, better use TeamSpeak or something similar to coordinate your attacks! Human cars only die when they get eliminated.

Now how does it work?
Basically it's elimination. So there is a timer and everytime it runs out the last car gets eliminated. Well it's not that simple. AI will simply respawn after getting eliminated. But they won't if they get wrecked. And is it really the last car? No. Elimination timer kills the car that has the position of the number of cars alive. But DNF doesn't make a car last, it stays where it was, driven distance still counts. Only if a DNF car gets eliminated, its driven distance is gone and it's last like it is normally in races.

This mode is only fun if the last car alive is behind elimination count, so you need a wreck-fast track like fig8 or create wrecking action by yourself.
Humans have infinite lives and if you die simply respawn and go again. But then be aware of the elimination count, because it will get continuously closer to you and eliminate you if you don't wreck others fast enough!

Why is this mode so special?
Because it's currently the only mode with teams that have different rules. Yeah it only gets this by a game bug (eliminated AI can respawn, human not), but just because it isn't possible otherwise.

Easy mode has 150% damage to make wrecking faster.

Mad dog 500$
Heavy Hitter 250$
Speeder 150$

This mode uses the following maybe interesting effects:
1. AI can respawn after getting killed by contact timer or elimination timer if respawn is enabled.
2. If respawn is enabled DNF cars don't lose their ranking score.
3. DNF counts as dead for elimination even if respawn is enabled.

However there are two little bugs:
1. If there is only one car alive, race seems to end once the nect elimination count runs out and all DNF but not ELIM cars get their ranking score. But since it's causing a faster finish i think that's ok.
2. Elimination timer in multiplayer lobby will run negative for everyone except host if the eliminated car was a AI still alive. (not tested with current version but occurred before)
GPU: Gigabyte GeForce 660ti
CPU: Intel i5-3570k
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i laugh everytime i see somebody pulling on WorldofBay to overtake clean.
biggest mistake ever.

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Poor planning is a big problem for a lot of EA titles
like fifa, simcity, battlefield, ...