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I would like to have something that make you retire automatic if you lay on the roof/side for maybe 5-10 seconds. (Ofc it should be an option).

Ya, that have to be an host option.

Car on their side or top become obstacles on the track. :)

Also many of us online, like to be nice and tip players back over so they can continue racing or wrecking the leaders of the race.  :)

 Yeah agreed that has to be an on\off option, as u said purple Beached and sided cars are nice obstacles and you begin to learn who has your back :), as in who flips who etc building a psychological driver profile :).

 So glad this update has put the "meat" back in the collisions and much much more, best hotfix/update to date !

edit- this should be in 2015-11-30 thread btw, sorry
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