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Yung Sh0ra

Why do we need to do all that campaign type progression ?

Played 200 hours, had lot of fun, instant fun and that's a big part of why i enjoyed play that game.

With this update, done 3 games and i know i won't touch the game again or maybe in case of apocalyptic boredom.

Graphism, sound and particules look improved and that's really good but pls stahp with the adventure-like system with repairs and having to buy everything EVEN in multiplayer.

But if you want, why not giving us OPEN WORLD and blueprints to craft, we could born as useless euro 1 c class and recycle metals from the nature, overall xp give acces to new capabilities, maybe build a garage and craft the tools before crafting the parts, really nice ideas to build a real experience.

ps : Lawn mower is the perfect gift, you could replace all cars by farming simulator models, would love to craft a traktor from my bare hands and drive it on gravel, after 100 hours farm and craft, without that the experience would not be as good.

Really enjoyed my 199 hours. Maybe mods will save it.

Still thanks for everything
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  • Hunter

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    Pretty much going to echo some of the above feedback..

    Part degradation is too quick. It has added depth but feels more of a chore at the moment.
    Repair system would be really nice to have working, buying and selecting the new parts is a pain and sometimes impossible to do in the time between multiplayer races.
    Noticed a few people say that they bought parts only to find out they are inferior, wasted money. Don't know if there is a way of making this clearer?
    Would be really nice to have a free race mode/option, even in multiplayer, where you don't earn/cost money to race. Some of us just want to race/wreck without wanting to worry about currency.
    Noticed big fps drop between mutliplayer races, noticed it on Mixed1, clear day setting the most. Dont know if this happens on other tracks.
    Still got the problem of everyone being stuck on the grid at the start of multiplayer races. Sometimes its quick to resolve itself but other times it is not.

    Really like the Mixed1 track and the lawn mower.
    Liking the new graphics/lighting.

    Overall I think this was a good update, once some of the main issues/balances can be resolved.
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    Hello everyone. A question: it is normal that with the last update I can not choose whether to start the game with the directx 11 64 bit? The game starts already this automatically? I also noticed that you have resolved the problem I had with the fullscreen and directx 11 (I have a GTX 980).


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    you wanted modding support and now with this update you destroyed it.

    i cannot drive in singleplayer on leaderboards with stock files because i have modded files UNUSED in the folders.
    i cannot drive multiplayer because i have modded files UNUSED in the folders. no need to mention they wouldn't even change anything if they were used, right?

    that's the opposite of modding support, it's modding prohibition.

    apart from modding:
    i can't choose freely my car and drive without restrictions? bad. very bad.
    so i have to edit my profile to 999999999999 credits to get what i want... before i won't really get fun out of it.

    on some tracks i now have 15-20 fps, so the graphics requirements are higher, will have to go a bit down from max then.

    AI cars felt as heavy as in FO1 in the few races is did and sliding seemed unstoppable through countersteer. this together makes it running the gauntlet with mini euro, which is quite fun. AI also is competitive now, good one.
    american 4 AI is overpowered. really overpowered. nerf it.
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    Thanks for feedback, everyone, please do keep it coming.

    - When exactly does the game crash while hosting? Do you run a dedicated server? Any error messages apart from the extremely unhelpful '...has stopped working.'?
    - If you find it hard to recover from slides try using half or full antispin. You can also try reducing speed sensitivity slightly or slightly increasing steering sensitivity.

    Thank you Janne! See my original post about when I play in my server but anyhow it seems ok now. About the handling I noticed old values for my controller we're still saved since the last build. Perhaps this is why my handling didn't seem right. Resetting to default on the settings it feels 100x better.
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    I suppose part changing and buying idea can be really entertaining if implemented right.


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    I am very surprised. The update is great :) you have changed a lot!!

    +new tracks
    +the new "car"

    -sometimes the KI dont start correctly or crash in otherones and stops
    -Cars tilt too easily in curves
    -I need the repair function:P
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    I really like the Mixed track and the lawn mowers are fun to use.

    I think a practice mode where all the cars are unlocked would be great
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    i'll leave that link here for all the guys that don't usually check modding forum:,8293.0.html
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    i laugh everytime i see somebody pulling on WorldofBay to overtake clean.
    biggest mistake ever.

    Quote from: sam223
    Poor planning is a big problem for a lot of EA titles
    like fifa, simcity, battlefield, ...


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    Once again bugbear showed us, they have no idea how a early access project work (repair function). It's like a early access shooter would implement a new gun who don't shoot...

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    Yeah some mode that you can use whatever you want would've been nice. But this is a good way to get some feedback. Don't just water the part damage down instantly this week because I also want to test it more :D I really liked that you actually need to buy new/used parts and not magically repair something totally broken. The parts were pretty cheap also what I tested quickly two races but I'm not a chaotic crasher.
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    I agree with most of the above criticism. Career mode is good, needs tweaking: I agree attributes of what you're buying in the market could be clearer, also it would be nice to have a choice of car to start out with. The one we get now is just painfully slow unless you buy a new engine immediately. Part degradation is pretty severe, too.

    But yeah, free mode, particularly for online. There might need to be some event/championship progression to reconcile a single-player mode where all content is available with the current model, where it's pretty much a "single race" type of event, but with options restricted to what you've bought. Otherwise it's just, go race with nothing, or go race with everything.

    Transmission simulation still ain't so good, was disappointed there's still no solution for a manual clutch axis, and the way the game shifts hasn't changed, still a bit clumsy and weird. Also, lawn mowers typically have a torque converter rather than a gearbox (initially said CVT, was thinking about a side-by-side,) but if a clutch is a challenge in this engine I won't begrudge that for now.

    I love the new "mixed" track, and really, really like the new Tarmac circuit, though I need to go back to the latter with grass disabled to prevent flickering which distracted in the first run through. Also the part selection menu looks excellent.
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    Mixed feelings about this new update. Handling is hard, really hard, the difference gap is quite big between the builts, but, maybe I'll just slowly start to getting used to it.
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    First of all, thanks for the update!

    Overall, I do like the intentions of the update. I do like the parts system and the way its implemented. In this way, not everyone will have same setup and same lap times etc. It makes the game way more diverse. For example, on the oval track, everyone used to have the same setup and same racing line on the track. Lap times all where really close to each other. Of course, in this update eventually there will be some fast drivers again, but i like the mix between fast racers and slow racers on a track.

    I think everyone will agree with me that the repair system needs to be fixed. I'ts kind of a pain in the arse now.

    Also, the lawnmower.. its good fun and I suppose its in the update to test rag doll physics etc. But I'd rather seen some new cars as well. Some new bigger European tin like Volvo's, Granada's or hearses etc.

    I'd rather see more content in the future updates like cars and tracks, then marketing system and career modes etc.

    Also, i think the car's are way to though now. They don't deform as easy as before. Handling seems to be better now which is a good thing :)

    Oh and yeah, PLEAAASE fix the crash bug when typing in lobby.. I hoped it would have be gone in this update but it isn't.

    +New tracks
    +Parts system

    -Expected more new cars
    -Lawnmower, its fun but.. what the hell :P
    -Crashes and bugs


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    I can't join multiplayer games, it says host has different client version.

    I allready reinstalled my game and verified steam cache.. Didn't worked :(

    Anyone else with this problem ?,  After deleting old files please go to installation directory and delete remaining bugbear files, that will sort you out.

    I know its sorted for you btw lunatic :)
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