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I see a lot of people complaining about lack of this function, I believe they want to have a button which refills the bar. However if you think about it, straight repair will eliminate the need to change parts, I believe the whole idea and the reason we don't have it now is to make player constantly change car parts which is actually helpful for diversifying experience. Of course, in current state it's now like it should be in final release.

How about also having gamage states for parts which will influence driving and not just an abstract bar? Having to chose lesser evil set could be pretty interesting.
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Perhaps you could only fix it to certain extent, like when part goes down to 20% durability, you could only fix it to 76%. When it goes back to 20 or lower again, then you can only fix it to 65 or so, it then keeps on decreasing until you have to buy a new part.

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