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At first I was very careful with car. "I don't want to hit anyone, I need to buy new parts again if my motor goes red. Yaiks."
But after all looks like you can wreck your car many times before you need to buy new parts.

Would be nice if you buy new motor and it's 56/100 you can see it's condition at in-game left-down indicator. Also you could follow your wheels only looking same indicator. More red wheels are more used those are.

Market has bug which prevent buying new parts when you play on multiplayer server. What I've read BB knows this bug already, waiting next hotfix/update.
It's now stupid to leave full server to get new parts and then you see server where you left is full and you cannot anymore join in  :D
About that, it would be nice if there's different player slots for players and watchers. Example server owner could decide how many can race and when that slot is full owner can decide how many can watch race.

Yeah that would be really good, since if I go on moderator duty in server, I don't necessarily even race. I just spectate and it would be nice if I could do it without taking out a player slot.

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technical trivia : a viewer would take as much server bandwidth as a player
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My resume after testing the new build:  :-\

The parts buying/changing thing is no fun at all. It's annoying.  >:(

The AI is worse than in build 7.   :o

I quote User Daystar:
"AI cars are basically back on rails again ughhh!
the Ai is once again a bitch to pull pit maneuvers again ughhhh... "

When you try to pit a car,  often your car turns 90 degrees and the one you tried to pit is going straight on.
The AI is going off track a lot and running up hills (sandpit track).
It was fine in build 7.

The only good things are: new track Mixed 1, the lawnmower derby area and the car deformation level.  :D

The start line of Mixed 1 seems to clean (no cracks, no holes in asphalt) and the hole track surface is too even.
It could used some bumps, crests or side slopes to make it more realistic.

Some tracks are too easy because the track is too wide.

The new track Mixed 2 (the very long city asphalt track) is good but I expect such a track in Project Cars and not in Wreckfest.

G27 Wheel force feedback is missing after some races. I have to replug the wheel to get it back.  ::)

When I buy a "New" part it should have 100/100 and not 98/100.

The game is still missing my favorite game mode: Points for turning other cars.
Without that the game keeps me playing only for some hours. (52h total) since build 6.

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2 hours ? oO

Dude, if somehow you can't get any money on multiplayer (can't say for derby people, racing really does not need farming), just do a bunch of 1-lap fig8 lawnmower races with 23 AIs. Few minutes, few Ks.

I don't think happyrichie was talking about money. He was talking about getting good parts before putting up a host. If I remember this right, host can't buy parts online while hosting, so they got to have thr parts already listed for their cars. This need to be look into by Bugbear.

Where x-etremest and Ben? They could talk about this. is this just a problem with a player host or is it a problem if an admin in a dedicated server host?

I can buy my parts on my server :) Just the "bug" who accure to everyone sometimes when I need to rejoin. :)
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Hellcat, did you test in the advanced options if you can max throttle with your current settings ?

Yes, the throttle is maxed out and works as should on calibration and also on all race games - Flat Out, Flat Out 2, Flat Out UC and Race 07.
Any suggestions on what setting within the game might fix this problem.

The latest Hotfix has now given me the ability to max out throttle and can now keep up with the pack.
I'll now have to add more laps and see if I can pass a few cars or maybe even win a race or two.  8)

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At first I was very careful with car. "I don't want to hit anyone, I need to buy new parts again if my motor goes red. Yaiks."
But after all looks like you can wreck your car many times before you need to buy new parts.

when i hunt for lap times i drive one 6-lap race (so 5 counting laps, has always been a good number) and have to change 6 of 10 parts by earning just 25$ for having the speeder. this is AFTER the hotfix, before i had tries where all 10 parts were worn out by one 6-lap race.

i totally get that my tyres and maybe brakes are crap after full pushing for some laps on a muscle car, however the euro2 should be better there as it isn't just sheer tyre-destructing power, but that is not the point. if an normal engine is down after 10 minutes racing, how would a high-performance engine in formula 1 last for 3 hour-long races? they're not built for endurance while a standard customer's engine is!
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