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A friend recently introduced me to Discord, which is a handy chat and VOIP app not unlike TS3/Mumble/Ventrilo. My friends and I have bee using it purely as a chat client, and it has proven rather useful with direct messaging, extra chat channels, VOIP channels and it's easy to get people into the channel. It's also an app for your phone or tablet, so you can keep up with chat even when you're not at the PC.

I therefore thought it useful for us all to keep in touch, chat about things, organise impromptu events, cross server chat (say one person is on Dillinja's server and another is on Ben's). We might even be able to band together and grab a dev once in a while as it would be easier to communicate with them/us on a lunch break, or show us something for opinions or whatever without having to wait on forum replies.

If you are interested, you can simply click the link below and you'll be in the room I've made for NCG. Making a user account is entirely optional as you can use unclaimed usernames. The link is live for 24 hours.

EDIT: I should probably note that my name is 'B-Money' on Discord (long story)
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