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I think this is missing a clucth button. As a keyboard player, I don't mention the need of clutch to change gears, it would stay autoclutch, but to be able to make faster launches.

When we spin over and need to make the car get moving again, it's to slow, the acceleration starts with too much little rpm, what is good to drive around and explore the maps, but not so good when you want to get to back racing as fast as you can, and the gear changes are slow too, so getting into neutral, revving and set 1st again is also slow.

If there's a clucth button, we can hold it at 1st, rev the engine and then release the clutch to make a faster launch. And even do clutch kicks when you got wideratio gearbox.

Or maybe just recalibrate the automatic rev/clutch timing.

What do you think?


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Totally agree... This game needs an manual clutch...
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Almost 1 year old post, looks like I voted this before but I didn't post any messages.



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Almost 1 year old post, looks like I voted this before but I didn't post any messages.

Anyone tried using xpadder to force neutral h shifter position to be mapped to clutch button aswell?
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Clutch button and / or Clutch pedal.
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