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Merry Christmas!

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Thanks Bugbear for the Christmas gifts!


Happy holidays to the whole Wreckfest community!
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So what is the point to include it in an almost two years old demo that don't benefit of other updates ? Fun ? We have Flatout for that, thanks to you.
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I check here today: and it look like Wreckfest is over the 300,000 copies sold mark thanks to the Winter Steam sale. :)

306,775 ± 12,190 owners

Bugbear was at the 250,000 level last summer, so with 50,000 more copies sold and say Bugbear get to pocket at least $15 for each copy sold, that give Bugbear $750,000 these last 6 months.

I would think Bugbear still on good financial footing to continue developing Wreckfest through 2016.  :D

Looking forward to a busy year here in the forum and seeing Wreckfest getting close to being finish this year.
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