Author Topic: FlatOut 4: Total Insanity  (Read 1827 times)


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I know, I know, it will probably be balls.
Its not Bugbear.
But maybe it will be a decent FO2 type game, instead of a good looking but tedious FO1 sim type game.


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I actually laughed, when I read more about that dev team, their games, the engine they're using in it and the release on this year.

First things first, Kylotonn's games have been somewhat cheap and small, below average games. I assume, that they're one of those dev teams, that do those for the money, not because they have a passion for it.

Secondly, they're using this Kt Engine HD as the game engine, which already sounds like some sort of cheap 3rd party software. But wait, it doesn't end in that! It's also a multiplatform engine, for multiple different game types! Wow, it's instantly bad at everything specific. And that sounds very lazy programming, to be honest, they just made this cross-platform engine to make cheap, small games quickly.

Thirdly, the game was annouced back in last year, and they're giving a release date for this year. So how are they able to do modern car game in 1-2 years ?

1st Reason: 2 other teams are helping them with it, wooow! There's big money on the backround, but not a single piece of any progress about the game's development has been surfaced since last august.

2nd Reason: They make it quickly, to get quick bucks out of it, so it will lack content and we can assume, that it's also so buggy, that it's barely playable. Or then it looks something from 10 years back. With godrays added.


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We heard about Flatout 4 last summer here:

New Flatout coming in 2016

No word  about FO4 since.

And after Strategy First screwed over the Flatout community by releasing Flatout 3 as a beta just to get the Christmas sales, I will never, ever buy a game from Strategy First!!  >:(

Flatout Joint, where the mods were.

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Sorry, been away for a long time, didnt know this had come out (news) already.
And, I definitely didnt know the publisher was the same one that did FO3 (my dreams are crushed now of having a real FO2 game).

As for the engine, it sounds the same as the Unity to me. :P