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The new track is fast! Hol-y-shit, broke 200km/h several times.

Question 1: All those different layouts are meant to be used later on? ;)
Question 2: When looking on sun at tarmac 3 track, every color turns grey. Intended?

Suggestion 1: "They will cause mayor pileups" (refering to AI logic)... what's wrong about that? ;) Maybe have an option for a "suicidal / stupid" AI for those who want the caos?
Suggestion 2: Mini icons for the tracks so we know what we drive on
Suggestion 3: Track editor? ;)
Suggestion 4: Option to choose AI cars. "Same as player / car : xx / random" etc

I really love your suggestions! would be great indeed to be able to set different types of AI driving cars, and random would be funny as hell. can you imagine some lawn mowers in the race on the tracks? that would instill some pileups to avoid later on in the race! also Track Editor would be awesome, but I do not foresee that until beta or after beta stage.
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rauli badding

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Good work guys! It's nice to see that sky doesn't glitch so much anymore with GTX 780 after the newest update. (,8289.0.html)

...And something's wrong with the AI in Sandpit 1.  :P

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In this case the improvements refer to the fact that now the suspension setups are more close to reality than ever before.

And yes, we simulate shocks and dampers separately as well as bump stops and bunch of other stuff, here's an example:

The suspension geometry (rods) is also being modeled, it's pretty complex system as whole.

You mean AI drivers with different profiles?

Nice work!

New tarmac track really nice track thanks

A question, your plans to add visual changes when change parts? for eg, tires (race slicks etc)

Keep the good work.

Time testing.


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Got to give some feedback here. 1, Servers dont show up anymore. 2, I cant believe you guys havent adjusted the slow ass shifting of gears when driving in manual. It is absolutely unacceptable and a big game breaker when driving manually.


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Tested European 3, is really nice suspension feeling, more realistic.

Tested American2 in sandpit2, maybe when out of route zone, the speed penalty is excessive, it seems as if the acceleration stops working script.

Conte Zero

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Good to see signals of life, very appreciated and needed.

Just one thing, you guys have lost it with build°6 and it never came back, and it was just perfect: Ai cars weight!
AI cars are f****ng tanks, nailed to the track. If they touch you, your car suffers for severe handling problems and spins, if you ram their corner or side, they barely shake a little
Build 6 was realistic and spectacular, every touch could lead to a massive crash.

PS - is it just me, or the vibration and feedback on my xbox one pad has gone? I can't fell almost anything except for some rare random shakes
is there a setting for that? where am I wrong?


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Tested American2 in sandpit2, maybe when out of route zone, the speed penalty is excessive, it seems as if the acceleration stops working script.

The penalty is wrong now, as soon as you touch the gravel/grass even slightly, it's like you've just driven to syrup. That's not fun anymore. :)


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Holey crap!  I just booted up steam to find Wreckfest needing a large update!  Hooray!  Maybe I'll get around to testing it out today!
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Thanks for all the feedback, much appreciated.

It looks we messed up the off-road surface for some of the old tracks (Sandpit being mentioned), that's why the excessive slowdown effect. We'll get it fixed next week.

The Very End
1. Nothing really! Just as long as it's not happening all the time it's cool since we want to see some aggressive racing with crashes.
2. Sorry, what do you mean - a map in the HUD?
3. No comment at this point, we'll see.
4. For quick race, not a bad idea at all.

How and where would you use those kind of setups, just offline? The AI players are actually put together in two files, one defining their player profile and the other one their car.

Yes, it's already supported - we just didn't have time to fix the legacy tyre/rim skins we already had.

Conte Zero
Thanks, we'll check the vibration. It might have been somehow compromised by physics changes.
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And sorry for being so slow to reply to your PM, I will get back to you. Just been really busy, I also had a shoulder surgery done recently which has kept me somewhat preoccupied as you can probably understand :D

Ah, I new something was up!! I guess we won't see ya online until your shoulder heals up.  ;)

I know my shoulders get sore after a 4 hour session of online racing and derbying with a FF wheel.
Flatout Joint, where the mods were.

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Thanks Purple, it's much better already. Can't play but I can write with one hand, just very slowly :)

Four hour sessions? You're hardcore! Just remember to take care of your health too.


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It looks we messed up the off-road surface for some of the old tracks (Sandpit being mentioned), that's why the excessive slowdown effect. We'll get it fixed next week.

phew... VERY pleased to hear that :-) .. I would even LOVE an option to turn that off completely. Otherwise it could ruin Cops+Robbers Mod on Sandpit... and freeroaming across the tracks just for fun :-)

love the suspension and tires btw :-)


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Had a quick run around the new track, I quite like the layout, lots of challenging corners, although it does feel very flat, with not many elevation changes.

The handling and suspension feels very good to me, although I did need to make some quite drastic changes to my speed sensitivity to get the handling back to where I wanted it.

One thing I did notice, is that the racing 5 speed gearbox in the Euro1 and Euro3 has a weird stutter effect after changing up a gear, that wasn't there before.
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Oh lucky me the multiplayer works only in 32bit. Pfew i thought i was done for. Please do something about the slow as F gear shifting on manual mode tho for the love of god. Why isnt it like before build 6? Is it a technical limit or something? I know other people have asked you dudes the same thing but yet it stayed the same ever since build 6 happened. THANKS


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The latest update is now live, featuring following changes:



* Improved all suspension setups.
* Added Racing and Rally tyres in addition to Standard ones.
* Improved off-road surfaces, now they are either more slippery or slow down.
* Improved clutch logic so it's now easier to get the car moving again after spinning out.
* Improved gamepad controller.


Good. I will put these changes through their paces. Glad to see some actual friction variation and by the sounds of it, slow down in gravel traps. Very excited. I see from some comments though they are a bit broken atm, but sounds like there's a fix coming

I'm curious about the tires. I hope it's not just friction coeffient differences.  Everyone will just use the most grippy thanks to how video game friction works (ie: tread doesn't matter in video games)
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