Are part wear and repairing good features to have (for career)?

Yes! Keep the part wear and repairing features and improve them.
80 (72.7%)
Nope. They're unnecessary features just getting in the way.
30 (27.3%)

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It's now been a while since we've had part wear in the game, and the latest update made it possible to hire a crew for performing repairs. Like mentioned elsewhere, they are both experimental features, designed to give more depth to the game. It's our idea that both part wear and repairing would be only featured in forthcoming single-player career, not quick race (basically what we have now) or multiplayer. At this point what you're seeing and experiencing is pretty much a bare-bones implementation of the features, and if kept, both will be of course developed further and improved. For example, crew might have additional skills, a some sort of automatic repair, etc.

Now it's time for the million dollar question: in your opinion, should we keep part wear and repairing for career or scrap them? When answering keep in mind that career is not yet implemented.

Is strange repair wear and don´t repair breakage of the race. I've been thinking about it and understand that it would be very complex,especially with deathmatch races, and would also be consistent add bodywork parts.  I think I have about solutions but maybe need modify too many things,   
however I find it interesting:

Perhaps it was interesting keep repairs and wear and add the option of trick out engines and carburetors to gain more power but to wear out much faster. At any time you can call the mechanic and repair any piece, paying, and repair points would become trick out points for engine parts and get more power. Or incorporate machines  to repair our parts.
I dont know how wear counts, should be such that if the race engine forces do not,dont use the brakes, you do not hit anything... then you did not have any wear.  if I take the engine red zone wear more, if much use brakes to wear out more. ..

I voted no,because i don't think this RPG system is suitable in a racing game. As others have said,this system currently does not relate to the actual racing. There are very little choices or decisions to be made with the parts currently. Just buy the most expensive to drive faster.
Because the wear is not actually related to the racing,what is the point of it other than forcing variety, and making you feel like you are managing something (when you aren't,you just try max everything out)

Keep it. Improve it and bring it in the multiplayer environment.

I've said this couple of times and this topic seems to be a good one to say it again.

- In race part wear should be implemented
- Damage taken in race should reflect somewhat in the after race part wear
- Implement a new game mode where you can have part wear and credits but still no effect on singleplayer stuff:

  • Multiplayer racing weekend where host sets how much everyone has money. Players will buy cars and parts with the money and maybe win couple credits more from the races. The weekend will have X amount of races and players will get Y amount of starting money and when the weekend is over everything resets. Very tight budget weekend could be very interesting when the parts wear down and you need to think what part you buy with the extra money. The rewards from races should be likely pretty low. This kind of a game mode reminds of rally weekend in rally games where you can't repair everything fully and you always need to think what to repair/replace first. In rally games repairs usually cost minutes but in this gamemode naturally parts cost money and it's limited (unless the host sets up big load of money for everyone).

It is a very good idea, must make sense of the existence of all this variety of pieces that don´t have it now.

We must find excuses to use all components and It has to be almost as interesting a configuration stock to a racing configuration.

Maybe doing this or something similar is achieved. Changing the utility of the parties and the way to be rewarded.

  1º/apply hardness value / resistance to car parts
      - direct relationship between class type of part part and crashworthiness.(as it has now class / power)
    D=  very strong  A= little resistant.
    To the same car with a configuration you break the car before.
    The balance of speed and resistance would range of parts C and B

Option:  Add reinforcements in the body of the car
        it possible to lead a racing setup with a little more protection.
        (and well... why not...  too allows to put "static weapons" like  spikes,They are lasting only once and break, but cause much damage. )

 2º/Incorporating dual objective to 'win':
       -by finishing position
       -for damage [rivals and scenario objects]
    This new punctuation would have its visible marker, like positions. (Now we have the most takedowns and the most dealed heal, but we do not know the points we ingest when hitting or the account of the points, nor is there a classification of damage done. It does not have the same importance as the positions of arrival. )
   The goal is to break the more the better. Rewarded financially breaking our car, rivals and objects in scenario. is rewarded more if we collide with other players and create spectacle.  The idea is that it is equally important to win one reward or the other.
     2ºb/ Game modes changes to posibility run clean races:
    - BANGER RACE:  normal race with the double objective to score. By finishing position and for damage to rivals and stage.
    -CLEAN RACE:  Reward for shock / disabled destruction. (It would be like a banger now) I was thinking contact a penalty but unjustly punish the innocent too often (or enable the option ghost mode)  Punctuation. Only finishing position. 

And that's it. well not ... not really, the pit area to repair the car during the race and so to make long runs we left for another day .;) or we could have a second car in the race ... uhm .....


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I'm all for parts denigration in mp, and during races where parts can break and effect performance, and I'm surprised how many others have said the same actually.

So, I'd say, you might even consider that as a server option, if you think its doable, because it adds complexity, and complexity often alleviates boredom, and the alleviation of boredom, creates longevity for the title.

In terms of crashes - I think if that caused any wear, you would want to limit to a minute amount, and have wear mostly come from usage time, over-reving, and the particulars parts combinations.

Why the non-big parts wear from crashes/collisions you ask, and the wear from usage and application?  Because the only game I know that did this well was Motor City online, and this is how they did it. It made it so that you couldnt make others lose big money by wrecking into them, and made the repair cycle more linear for the devs to design as intended, w/ some penalties for say using a blower and shitty pistons togehter, that might however give you a slight edge in torque or hp etc, at a higher cost.

I think you had to pay for body repair as well, (IE where crash damage costs and repair come in) you might wanna consider that as yet another variable, while upping the winnings...

But in general regardless of whether you consider in-race 'breakage' (with immediate performance penalties) which i think alot more people would like the complexity of than you might think, and especially your long-term participants, yeah parts wear is good. Less variables is bad.

For those worried about a 'clickfest to repair' that simply shouldnt be a concern; all they would need to do is have a 'repair all' or 'repair worst' checkbox with a 'total repair cost' number, visible next to the proceed button, as an alternative to individual part repair.
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I'm highly surprised how many want real-time mechanical damage, but I have to disagree with it. The main problem with that would be that it would be a fundamental change in game design and gameplay, rewarding the lucky ones on the starting grid that didn't happen to be damaged. The whole idea about being slower and worse after each contact goes against the current mentality of Next Car Game! It simply wouldn't work.

As for how the parts degrade after a race, it should be handled differently. First of all, collisions must degrade parts as well. A hard hit to the back should cause some damage to your rear differential, for instance. Another thing would be weighting the usage of parts: Redling an engine would cause more wear than keeping it in lower revs, or wheelspin and skidding would damage the tires way more.

This means you can try to win by nearly wrecking your whole car, or you can place third with minimal damage. It's up to you to decide what's more lucrative.


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You know, I changed my mind. This "reparing" gives nothing but excessive clicking for the player. Either it must be automated by mechanics (and not made into buying new parts clickfest) eithre removed completelty.
Repairing must be part of fun not a boring chore. What's the point of it anyway? Will it go somewhere?


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Weird, we just started a new single player game today and I was quite surprised by how rarely I had to click the auto-repair button. And replacing parts... well that only happened once just to make the car faster.

Online it's a whole different thing, I don't have to repair and I only switch parts for the according tracks. So while I did find it sort of annoying at first, I now really like the feature


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Im all for keeping it if its not going to be part of MP.


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Why not have an auto repair option so players car will stay tuned OR have an adjustable repair level for each part when it gets below a certain % of wear.

I think that would save time for players. Purchasing and replacing parts is more for the SIM players, they have the patience to personalize their experience more than Arcade friendly players.


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I know that I'm probably late for this party (sorry for necroing), but below are my two cents.  :)

My vote is for a definite 'No', due to three major reasons:

1. Part wear, as a concept, is fundamentally against the core banger racing experience of the game, I think. If you develop a racer that emphasizes "over-the-top, reckless racing action" as one of its major selling points (exact quote from the game's webpage), then it makes no sense to implement a gameplay element which works against that driving style. It's not a coincidence that part wear and repairing has been removed from multiplayer, partly because of this reason, as far as I understand.

2. There is a gameplay dissonance between how actual races play out, and what we see in the menu after the race. The critical existence failure trope is fully in effect during races, i.e. there is no performance degradation during the actual races, irrespective of the damage received - our car either blasts with maximum performance, or is a flaming pile of junk in the ditch next to the racetrack. However, as soon as the race is finished, the car tuning screen may (or may not) shows part degradation which was not experienced in any way during the actual race. Which just brings in the final point...

3. The whole part wear and repair feature (currently) is unintuitive and bland. It's essentially a time-wasting clickfest between two races, spent with clicking on a wrench icon below the car parts. We receive no proper feedback on the effects of part wear either, so we cannot correlate between their indicated state and its effects on the in-game car performance. At least I couldn't really spot any difference when driving with a 89% or 59% differential. This is of course not a problem for me due to point 1.), but this just makes the whole part wear and repair feature even more pointless.

So in short, I think the feature should be scrapped. It is not only against the base concept of the game, but is also unintuitive and unnecessary in its current state. Car part changing and tuning can stay however, as that one brings some welcome brainstorming to each race (i.e. picking the potentially best parts for each surface, track length, and so on).


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Ideally what this game needs is saving the damage that you receive during an event, so that when you return to your garage your car retains the deformation that it had, and add "panel beating" as a maintenance mechanic. The player can then choose to beat predefined zones back into shape, or pay for a one-time lump-sum full repair. Under-the-hood game engine-wise, the developers would need to figure out a way to store and load damage states, and compare the source model to the deformed model to calculate deform intensity (thus dictating the total price of a 100% repair - repairing a totalled car will use the entire earnings of the participation bonus you get in an event, even if you DNF/come last), as well as a way to repair specific zones.

If the game is about crashing and deforming your car for fun, then the punishment shouldn't be permanent, gradual damage, but the lost chance of having enough funds (after repairs) to purchase cooler/faster cars, and higher-performance parts. Even if you place dead last, a participation bonus should be enough to nearly fully repair a totalled car. Repairs are done after each event, and if all of your cars are totalled, then the player is forced to fully repair at least one of their vehicles before they're allowed to spend their earnings on parts.

  • parts should not wear out as that overly punishes players for the "over-the-top, reckless racing action"
  • instead of parts wearing out the car's total appearance/damage becomes the new maintenance mechanic
  • cars should retain their visual (and as a result, mechanical) damage even after events
  • even in last place the participation earning must be enough to do a near full repair
  • after an event the garage displays your cars (including their damage they accumulated)
  • if the car is totalled after the event (and you don't have other cars) a full repair is automatically done
  • this way you always have a working car to enter an event again on equal footing with other opponents
  • this also means that the punishment is not being able to buy new cars or parts instead of putting you at a disadvantage
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I vote YES!
But maybe depend on which mode in the career it makes more sense. E.g. in a Deathmatch maybe not that neccessary? It could be very expensive for the player, when he has to repair a totally wrecked car three times :D

As long as it is kept in career mode and not used in deathmatch championship, which makes totally sense, I totally like the idea. And a team, that is earning better skills in repairing the car for a limited time (just like in Dirt Rally), is also a great idea, which I vote with yes for.

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I like part wear, and I would like to see permanent cosmetic damage over time, or just in between rounds, and use money to repair your car in between  rounds