Are part wear and repairing good features to have (for career)?

Yes! Keep the part wear and repairing features and improve them.
80 (72.7%)
Nope. They're unnecessary features just getting in the way.
30 (27.3%)

Total Members Voted: 108

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Voted for keeping and improving))
Sorry, wrong thread or maybe someone already placed this suggestion, but, what if along with buttons on parts "change part" and "repair part" there will be button "buy new part" or something like that?
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Voted yes, but hopefully the system will be less confusing than it is right now and there will be something better than repair points.
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Isn't it already superfluous? Is it that much difference if you click 7 times or one time? Right now it feels as thrilling as doing accounting. As soon as my crew has 6 or 7 repair points I can repair almost everything without ever buying anything new. (As long as you don't do endurance races with 20+ laps or something. I kind of like the repair function in comparison to the market, because it's faster than changing,buying and selling parts) It is even kind of interesting to see which parts suffered after each race and how much they wore out. Still doesn't add any real betterment in gameplay to me. If that's the main feature of the career mode, I can't say that it's a real motivation for me.
As a developer I'd probably have to ask myself - what would motivate players to play the career mode? Part wear and repair? or maybe something else..(?)
+1 on this. If you have enough repair points for every race, it's just click-grinding. Or automatically fixed by crew, kind of useless.

I would like to see repair in multi-race events during career, like three event "weekend-mini-cup" on different or same track, etc. You might not be able to repair at all during weekend-cup (wear and collision management) or have only limited time / possibility to repair during cup despite crew experience (wear and collision management + repair strategy).

Then you need to make decisions what to repair and what not during multi event cup. And have driving strategy, whether to drive 1) aggressively and try to repair on given limited time what is fixable or..
2) drive more paced, to save car from braking up to endure through all events in a cup
Weekend cup is then won qualifying and winning the cup's last event or by cup total points in all it's race events

Then between career's mini-cups or single events, more automatic part repairing could be taken in place. To take burden away from always repairing. So depending on career event type, either to micro-managed repair in multi-events or between multi-events and single-events, perhaps more automated repair.
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First up thanks for letting people have their say on this, community engagement will do your cause no harm :).

I surprised myself and voted to keep it. Surprised as I'm well known whinger on our server about "I just wanna race blah, blah, blah". However the wear/repair feature if implemented better and streamlined a bit - say crew will automatically repair stuff and you can set the priority yourself on what to fix first, or have a repair all button that repairs along the same lines etc - could enhance the multiplayer side.
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Eeeek, double post - feel free to delete.


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im really torn on this subject, its ok but should be a lot less time consuming, less like farming. what if all the parts lasted a lot longer and some times brake, or when you dnf a part brakes. maybe a real 3d shop with lists of parts that stay in stock, something that if you carry a spare part or 2 you dont need to do between online races and only need to do once when you log on or off, that would then free up time while you are in the lobby if you are only having to deal with swapping parts between tracks or repairing.

may be add x10 to the performance points so the degradation is a lot more subtle.

i like the idea of time limit between races in a cup so their is a point of driving safely and saving the quality of your parts, or pit lanes would be epic with a drop in and out race, xp from each lap finished.


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I'm fine with the idea of repairs for an offline career mode, but there needs to be a simple one click repair option that will auto repair your most damaged parts.

However, online multiplayer repair and wear has to be removed, or be a server option, as in my opinion it adds nothing to the game but tedium, and I think it's driven a lot of people away from playing at the moment.
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i'm with Hoppen on this one

while i personally kind of like the worn parts feature i feel it is fair and appropriate to mention what i see

for many of us the joy of the game is the online interaction and laughter in the chat lobby....many times people are soooooo busy adjusting parts they have no time for the usual silly non-sense...

add to that the very real advantage i (and others who play a whoole lot) have when it comes to the aquisition of parts. One can (i certainly do) argue that i have EARNED this small advantage....but...compound my REAL advantage by the PERCIEVED advantage and there are no shortage of players who openly tell me it's no fair racing me because i'm just "buying" wins !

and the really sad part for me is THUS....becuase i care about the social aspect i'm usually busy in the lobby congasulating people for wins, joking about some spectacular roll over, etc....and have little time for parts repair, so i mostly race on worn out junk !

clearly there are players avoiding the game due to confusion over parts and it has a negative impact on the socila scene


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As long as parts wear is only a minor tax on keeping your cars running and still allows a person to upgrade parts and cars at a decent rate then I have no problem with it.  If it turns the singleplayer game into a grindfest then no thanks.

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I voted to keep it for offline career.

Maybe crew members could have varying degrees of multiple repair skills - they could be more or less able to fix specific areas like chassis and wheels, engine and drivetrain, and frame and body (straightening and welding), so you need to get a well-rounded crew trained up. 
Your repair points could be distributed according to an equation involving crew skills , time necessary for repairs, time available for repairs, and player priorities, instead of clicking multiple buttons.

The carburet(t)or could just need a rebuild (special engine skill), or if say the throttle shaft bore is worn, or time is very short, then replace it.
Transmissions tend to be complicated to disassemble and repair, so that might be a special drivetrain skill.

To repair brakes, you buy new and replace (chassis skills) the pads/shoes, and rebuild or buy new the brake cylinders.
Tires, install new or used.
exhaust manifolds - if metal tube headers, perhaps weld if cracked, otherwise pretty much replace with new/used parts.

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Lame, I know.


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Dear Bugbear
The less clicking for the player the better. If you want to introduce crew bonuses then make them passive. Players don't want to click parts after each race, players want to race.  Either make them wear parts left or let them chose part to repair automatically, maybe even let them buy new parts themselves.


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Parts need to wear out logically and intuitively. In this game we can have a race where there's literally no contact, or a derby where we destroy our car dozens of times. There seems to be no difference as far as part damage goes.

The need for a logical thread also applies to the individual parts; why do I need to replace my intake and so often? Those aren't wear items and they require minimal maintenance. Complex parts or those that see heavy forces like engine/carburetor, gearboxes and differentials would require more maintenance, but also would rarely need replacement I would think. Brakes and tires really can't even be repaired, as they are consumed and must be replaced.

That said, the points about less clicking and time spent on this are very valid. The menus are cumbersome and time consuming right now, and though I kind of like the way they look, navigating through them is a pain. If players must repair their cars, make it very quick to do so or it's just a burden rather than a feature.
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I didn't know what the crew were for until about half hour ago. After reading the OP it makes a bit more sense so I voted to keep and improve the system but maybe like others have suggested, add an auto repair option at least for online. The constant button clicking is taking valuable sledging time away from the lobby. Buying parts/quick repair/ auto repair could even become leveling up stages to coincide with the classes. Speaking of classes, they are very logarithmic as they go up in performance and perhaps need adjusting. On tracks that are twisty or without long straights, top class C cars can keep up or beat class A cars online regularly.


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I voted no,because i don't think this RPG system is suitable in a racing game. As others have said,this system currently does not relate to the actual racing. There are very little choices or decisions to be made with the parts currently. Just buy the most expensive to drive faster.
Because the wear is not actually related to the racing,what is the point of it other than forcing variety, and making you feel like you are managing something (when you aren't,you just try max everything out)

I'd prefer a less linear game,where you learn about how to improve the car,and then you improve it. Or not,depending on how well you understood what you learn, and how much you practiced. Free setups, rather than slow>faster>fastest unlocks.
You'd still have the variety between cars, depending on how the driver set them up. Rather than a artificial handicap based on how long you've played the game (money) and how long you've used a part (wear).

Money and wear you can avoid by cheating,if everyone cheats its a level playing field with or without multiplayer career mode (free race). But if you cheat,you're completely avoiding a large set of options and part of the game (the artificial handicaps are good for creating grid variety). Free setups you cannot cheat,only improve until maximum potential is reached for you personally.
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Keep it. Improve it and bring it in the multiplayer environment.

I've said this couple of times and this topic seems to be a good one to say it again.

- In race part wear should be implemented
- Damage taken in race should reflect somewhat in the after race part wear
- Implement a new game mode where you can have part wear and credits but still no effect on singleplayer stuff:

  • Multiplayer racing weekend where host sets how much everyone has money. Players will buy cars and parts with the money and maybe win couple credits more from the races. The weekend will have X amount of races and players will get Y amount of starting money and when the weekend is over everything resets. Very tight budget weekend could be very interesting when the parts wear down and you need to think what part you buy with the extra money. The rewards from races should be likely pretty low. This kind of a game mode reminds of rally weekend in rally games where you can't repair everything fully and you always need to think what to repair/replace first. In rally games repairs usually cost minutes but in this gamemode naturally parts cost money and it's limited (unless the host sets up big load of money for everyone).
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