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With the recent release and seemingly successful Dirt Rally and Sébastien Loeb Rally Evo please consider a Rally Trophy 2.  These  two recent titles are playing on the fact that they lean on the simulation side . Hopefully Bugbear will see this and consider releasing a newer version as the public  seems to hunger  now a days for more realistic  racing.
For those of us who played the game , we know  what a great title if was  and as someone suggested they maybe room for a historic rally title circa 70 's to 2000.
ps I was a fan of Tough Trucks as well.

Hope the developers at Bugbear can give this some thought. 


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I love Rally Trophy.
The music was far better too (normally I turn music off in games).

Rally Trophy was published by who are now gone. Their assets are now owned by

The publishers generally "own" the properties the developers make. I think this is crazy, but there you go. So any actual Rally Trophy 2 title would probably be up to the decision of the publisher.