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Last night after we got done with Showli2 Wreckfest Spring Showdown with the lawnmowers. I suggested we give the mowers a whirl on the Tarmac 3 gokart track. And Showli2 wanted to show me the track he found out in the sticks on Mixed 2 track.   :D

Mixed 2 track:

Tarmac 3 track:

Here what these tracks look like when we race them online:

The lawnmower and the mini Euro work good on the gokart track and the mini Euro and even the muscle cars were getting around the prototype Mixer 2 track.  :D

I think the prototype Mixer 2 track will be the next track we see when Build #11 get release. This is the kind track some us have been asking to see more of. A track with hills and elevation, there a blind turn as you come over one hill. And the angled barrier walls are more car friendly than the barrier walls in Tarmac 2.  This track is not flat. :)

Bugbear gave us the lawnmover, sure be nice to have the gokart track to race the mowers on and a place to have small Euro car races!!  :D :D :D :D I really would like to see Bugbear make the gokart track an official Wreckfest track and not make us wait to get custom track tools to get gokart track into the game.

And if gokart track end up being a modded track, then the stock Wreckfest players going miss out on this track.  :(


Looking at the gokart track, I think it about ready to go track wise. Adding a finish line area about all that need adding.

But Bugbear going to need to place the checkpoints wisely so players won't cheat the track. Here about where I would place the checkpoints and I would leave plenty of room and use wide checkpoints, so if a player get force wide ( rough and tumble racing ). player won't miss the checkpoint.

When I did the Hairpin track in Flatout 2 I use solid flaming stack of tires to mark where the checkpoints are ( right and left points ) and players could not knock over the stack of tires. Don't think that would work here.

So I'm thinking what if Bugbear use a dome shape stone to mark the inside checkpoint of a turn? Then players would know if they cut the corner to much. Something like this:

With a dome shape rock, car would not get stuck on it. Bugbear have decide how high rock is out of the ground. Should it be just a little bit, so cars can go over the rock and not feel the rock much. Or raise rock enough so bumper of a low height car would rub the rock enough that player would feel it but still get over the rock without much problem?

I never have tested checkpoints to see if the whole car has to be inside the pair of checkpoints or just part the car. I always try an place my checkpoints inside a solid objects so there no question if you miss my checkpoint or not. I would set inside checkpoint so if have 2 wheels on the track, checkpoint would count. But do we count the inside rumble strips as still having 2 tires on the track? If got all 4 wheels off the inside of track, then checkpoint would be missed or your inside tires are hitting rock and slowing you up a bit if just barely got 4 wheels off the track. If your car is straddling the rock, checkpoint definitely should not count.  :P   ( hmmm or make the rock a long rock so car can't straddle the rock between the front tires.

That my idea on how to stop players from cheating a gokart track and give a player an idea of how much they can cut the inside of a turn and still have lap count. I hope we can convince Bugbear to finish this gokart track.  :D
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Flatout Joint, where the mods were.

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I think that there are a few things that you can do to prevent corner-cutting: you can have rocks, car-rubble, concrete barriers, and light poles.
  • Rocks, I believe, need to be large rocks that cannot be driven over, or if they can, with great difficulty, preventing the cutting the track OVER the rock. It provides a definite barrier to cars, rather than one that should just be "driven with caution".
  • Car rubble is pretty obvious as to what it is, and it is just placed to avoid cutting.
  • Concrete barriers should more be used at the apex of corners, like it's splitting the corner in half. It's also easiest to use for some of the more sloping corners, just add a few of them and a few tires stacks (like the end of Sandpit 1 Route 1) to nudge drivers in the opposite direction.
  • Light poles would be stood ON the checkpoint, and act very similarly to your tire barriers you mention. They should probably be used sparingly, in more sloping corners with a concrete barrier sticking out behind it.
Anyways, that's just my thoughts. Curious as to what others think about this, or new suggestions.

The track on Mixed 2 needs more tweaking I believe. It is very entertaining to race on on your own, but trying to pass is a NIGHTMARE. It has no space! Corner exits need 2 or 3 times more room to accommodate most of the cars in the game. And while a go-kart track is made and understood to be for smaller cars, this one isn't. Nobody knows that you can't race American 3's on it because their length is also the width of the track. It just needs to be expanded. I'm also working on a post concerning Bugbear's track creation as of late, and this is also a big point in that post.
It's a great track, but it just isn't big enough yet. I'm sure it will be expanded if it is ever seen as its own track.
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I don't even race on Sandpit 2 track much anymore, because the slow-downing effect (quicksand) is way to much slowing my car, when I get off the race path just a little bit!
and the race line is not really defined much with the offsides area having the same color texture.  :-[ it sucks, and I know it's to deter cutters, but come on really? it is way to narrow for
a race line, and way to strong of slowdown. and a little confusing like I mentioned (same surrounding texture coloring).

Oh! and great post btw Purple! I would love to see a little gokart track at the Tarmac 3 area as well!  8)


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Great thread! Great videos too!
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Wow i didn't know about these two tracks before.
The mixed 2 track is really amazing and fun to drive, i drove it with the EU1 :)
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