Author Topic: I'd like to see Tarmac 1 embellished soon  (Read 851 times)

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There's already a small reroute in it and has been for the history of the track, unless I'm mistaken.

I realise it wouldn't be a huge difference alone and in of itself but would be a nice little freshener for Tar1 and not too much work to set up for  the next build, I imagine. Adding a route that incorporates the bridges would be fantastic but that isn't so quick, easy or likely.. It's not what I'm going for here, just saying. It sounds cool  ;D

Tar1 is one of my favourites still, so yeah. Please comment either way about the reroute  :)

Edit: I didn't think I was the first to mention this, just the first in a while. And posting this here as R4t_fink thought the same about the bridges/overpasses as I :)

I love this game. I've only got around 30 hours, but its getting a little stale for me. Not a complaint, take all the time you guys need.

But I would like to share a few idea's..

On Tarmac, i've been dying for a new route. I would really like to see the dirt curve opened up in the next update. Also, it would be... Incredible, to say the least, if the track curved up to the top of the bridge. I would love to see the bridge railings decay as the race progressed, until it becomes a strategical point to get 2nd place off my bum. Either way, im sure you guys have some great stuff in the works. Ill be waiting...
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Ya I assume we would see the alternate route use some day. Be great if it showed up soon.
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