Author Topic: Update 2016-03-16: NEW CAR!  (Read 16435 times)

St. Jimmy

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The handling and the shifting *drool* Things feel nice again.
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It's an obvious Nissan Skyline 2000GT-R 'Hakosuka'. Saw the mirrors first and there was no doubt that is the car of inspiration.
Yes exactly!

Oh yes, that's the car then. Didn't know, that japs can make as beautiful things as this. :p


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Love the new car keep up the good work  ;D


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Steering wheel on the right hand side and the in-car view set from there.
Amaaaayzing. I wonder if any Euro cars will share that layout. Either way, brilliant to have it.


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I noticed there are no particle effects in collisions anymore. I hope its just a bug.
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Kudos for fixing manual shifting, shifts feel nice and snappy now and I can quickly get to any gear I want to.

Also, the one button for repairing your car is a huge improvement, and the new car feels quite fun to drive (though i've only done a couple of laps with it so far)
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Mudpit is now messed up beyond being playable, the mud over there is too slippery now, and it's undrivable. As soon as you break up the grip, the car spins and you can't do nothing, rear wheels just spin endlessly.
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My reactions after seeing new update

Damn it's too late, I'll try tomorrow  :P


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can you add a color picker to the skins so we can choose what color we want and so there aren't two of the same skin taking up multiple skin slots that would be awsome.


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I got my purple skin on. But I left the car out in the rain and the paint starting to rust! I guess I should of use some primer before painting car purple.  :o

The Asian 1 handling OK for me with my Wheel and no assists.  :)

But going off the high jump on gravel track, I'm seeing the same problem I had with Feb Build #10 and the Muscle 4 car having cement in the truck. Same thing happening with the Asian 1 car. This bug not fix yet.  :(

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and looks like our famous rock is back at Sandpit 2! but offset to the right quite a bit.

Are you referring to this rock Daystar?

I check my Cops and Robbers video from Aug and that rock is there in the video.

Here the video that show the missing rock from Build #4:

Flatout Joint, where the mods were.

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this game needs more rotted out cars like cars with completely rotted out rocker to the point that there gone and rotted out front and back wheel wells to

just click the picture


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sooooo, I've not played Wreckfest for a while.... Until Now!

This update is exactly what we needed!  Thanks Bugbear!

But in all honesty:
I love the shorter clutch times!
I like the slidey handling of the American cars.  (but now I need to change my pad sensitivity)
I like the new car! (the working taillights are kinda funky tho)
There is a bug with pad, later I will be deleting userdata (or whatever that file we've deleted in the past to fix pad bugs is) to see if I can clear it ( and if I can find the post on how do delete those files...)

Deleted controller folder found deep in userdata, problem still exists, it seems to be related to the left stick button (L3 in dualshock 3 terms for the ps3 controller, left thumb stick click on x360)  I may post this in the bug section if it bothers me enough...

Many have reported prior to this update about the heavy under-steer feeling (and heavy steering feeling of the new car) of the non american cars, and I think I will agree with them.
The pad will occasionally (about every minute or two when racing) change camera view when I hit the handbrake or change gears in and around corners (I have slightly changed the keybindings for pad though, and that may play a part in it)
And speaking of the pad bug, sometimes when it happens and changes camera on me I get the uh.... whatchamacallit... "spectator" camera angles.  The kind TV cameras get, you know? (right?)

Performance wise this game is great now!!!!!!!!!!!
I can finally run with 24 AI cars on at least tarmac 3 now!  With decent fps too! (pc in sig, Overclocks are outdated)
Before, I believe I was bottlenecked by my cpu with 24 ai, so whatever cpu optimization you did it worked out well!
I have yet to crank my graphics settings up much from where I had them, but I now tried running 4x MXAA and I still got over 30 fps on tarmac 3 with 24 ai.

Speaking of Tarmac 3, I have finally tried it out, and I like it.  What I don't like though, concerning tracks, is the changes you guys made to the grass and dirt and stuff on the track edge.  I agree with those in this forum who say it is too punishing.  It even feels too artificial, and distracts from the racing.  Though the sand is ok, it can still feel artificial, like it's giving you a hard cap on speed.

Overall keep up the great work, and remember to make this game first and foremost for enjoyment and fun!
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Oops my bad Purple haha! you are correct! I guess I need better glasses lol  8)                                      .


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Definitely a great step forward, esp loving the auto repair feature, saves heaps of time.