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TrackIR support would be nice.


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6axis movement support with track IR would be awesome in incar view. When the bonnet desides to come up you could move your head right/left to poke out from the side windows to gain visibility.


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I'm gonna jump on the "band wagon" and say yeh IT'd be very interesting too Track IR / Occulous support for this game    ...........   Come on Bugbear let us know if its even being thought about ???????   


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TrackIR is the bomb, and I guarantee almost everyone who has it will buy this game.

It's a lot more accessible than will be OR, too.

Bugbear, add trackIR support!!!



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i just got a TrackIR 4, and would like to see support for this in NCG!


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what is trackIR
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Hello dear proggy-team! Thank you for the great game. Loved all the other games coming from your "drawing boards". And it is a great idea to stick to the proven concept.

Please, add TrackIR to the dashboard and hood views. As soon as the hood is bend it is impossible to see the track any more. With TrackIR one can look at least around or over the bend hood/engine to stay on the
red line.(as "Whippler" mentioned too)
If not, I think both views will not be usable after the first couple of crashes.

(btw: posted that to the Steam Forum too)
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I saw some videos about trackIR... it seem to be nice o_o


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I would like to see TrackIR support.

While playing for the first time, I was thinking "This would even better with TrackIR".


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TrackIR and Oculus Rift, racing game, cockpit view =  :-*


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Add another Yes for TrackIR support.

As another poster has already said - those who already own a TrackIR are always on the look out for any games that support the device.

You will certainly sell more copies of Next Car Game as a result.


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Yes include trackir support please !  :)
This is a game changer.


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Chiming in on these forums as well.
I'd LOVE Track IR support!

You already have a detached camera working for the right stick on XBox controlers, so turning that into a Track IR enabled view should be little to no hassle.
If you have issues or wonder how to actually do this, the people(read: devs) over at Naturalpoint are very helpfull towards both game developers and community members alike.

Oculus is another ballgame, and might be a bit harder to implement properly, but from a pure business view; the increase in sales from supporting Oculus VR will outweigh the time it takes to implement it.

Just to let you know there's also a thread about TrackIR support on the steam forums for NCG(in case you don't read those forums as much).

Any word on wether or not it will be in the game, or may be even when would be much appreciated.


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 Plus to TrackIR support.

 I bought a Track IR5 (basic model which is all 95 percent gamers need, not the pro version) a month back.

 Primary reason for purchase, was European Truck Simulator 2.  I very much enjoy that game and the TrackIR just makes the game so much more enjoyable.
 I also have used it since in:
Assetto Corsa
Dirt 3

 I have other racing games but that is all I have played of late.

 If this Next car game fails to support the TrackIR system it will be a major let down for me.
 I may give mouse emulation mode a try when I'm feeling uppity to see if that works in game until you at bugbear decide to support.
Of course i"m sure you have hands full now and would rather see proper wheel feedback working first .
 Seems iffy to me on my Logitech G27 as of the last build.