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I notice this question was asked back in 2013 (yikes 5 years ago!) but is the game anywhere nearer TrackIR support yet?

This page has had getting on for 8,000 views so clearly we're not the only ones.

Works brilliantly with BeamNG drive so it would be awesome if the devs could make it compatible sooner rather than later.  Surely the devs play the game too? Don't they use head trackers to help see what's going on around them?

Anyway, thought I'd revive the thread, sorry if there's a million others but that's the devs fault for not implementing it already.  Given the release date is not that far away, what are they waiting for.  We shouldn't really have to ask for something as basic (and essential) as this.


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I think on this stage, where game is right now, TrackIR neither VR will not happen. But I hope we'll get one of these or both later with DLC or with a normal update..


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It would be possible if the devs would implement MOUSE LOOK, to use the mouse movement to look left/right.

Then Track IR or VR could use that as input for head tracking. Please add it ! Thanks  :D
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