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I got to load the tarmac 3 track file in Bag editor today:

The 3 keys things I need to do a custom track, beside a solid track map, is startpoints, checkpoints and being able to move and make copies of objects ( End says I can make copies ). I would do the spline points for the AI, but going need a AI route editor for that. Can I borrow Bugbear editor?

Many of you have been asking what we're currently working on so I decided to create this thread and start sneaking around the office every now and then to take snapshots of people working on various things.

First one I caught off guard was someone working on AI driver paths:

I'm assuming the green lines are the effective 'optimal racing line' and 'secondary racing lines' (I see three green lines heh), but I can't quite fully understand the purpose of the red lines and the blue grid.

You're correct :) Darker green is for road surface area and bright green is optimal driving line that AI is trying to stay on.

The red line might specify the space AIs stay inside of when avoiding obstacles. The blue grid might be the part of the map you can use without being "accused" of taking a shortcut resulting in an uncounted lap? Just guessing... :)

Yes! Red is a safety sector that's used to tell AI if there's static obstacles to avoid. Blue sector is the furthest area AI can drive to. Once they enter the blue sector (often after a crash or a friendly push) they will immediately start seeking a way to get back inside green sector. And if they manage to get past blue sector they will go completely nuts as you might have seen a few times in the early access build ;)

Without a proper editor to do AI slpine points, I can't do custom AI routes. So for now any custom track I do will only wrok well online with real players.

The startpoints, checkpoints and object coordinates I will have to do by hand with the old trial and error method I use to use in Flatout 1. Started with moving a stack cars, then got Pavules track editor.

Would be nice to have a 3d track editor like the one GulBroz setup with Blender. Made moving objects a lot easier!! :D

Since I got no easy to use 3d track editor yet, I think I will start on an "easy" track, the gokart track at Tarmac 3:

Edit: Going to this post that CFodder did for the dedicated server thread:  :D

Map Names

Client / Server

Sandpit 1 / sandpit1 {rev}
Sandpit 1b / sandpit1b {rev}
Sandpit 2 / sandpit6 {rev}
Tarmac 1 / forest5 {rev}
Tarmac 2 / racing2 {rev}
Tarmac 3 / valer
Figure 8 / oval1b
Figure 8 Small / derby11_rev
Oval / oval1
Speedway 2 / oval2
Inner Oval / oval2c
Gravel 1 / stadium2 {rev}
Mixed 1 / kaanaa
Mixed 2 / valkenswaard

Mudpit / derby2
Speedbowl / oval2b
Stadium / derby3
Small Stadium / derby10
Lawnmower Derby / derby10_mower

Will add to this list as we get new tracks.


The Very End posted this today:

Posted this in a other topic, but I'd figure people might want to know how to create their own trackside cameras (and because it might be hard sightning the sollution when it's hidden in a other topic).

Take a look on the two pictures I have attached. Basically, the thing you want to do is to have a tcat (track camera I guess?) file for the track (same as track ID name), and then head over to the data entry. Here you simply plot in the wanted x / y / z coordinates, and voila, you have a custom made trackside camera. You can add or copy excisting cameras by duplicating a camera or increase the dataentry size by 1 (or more).

I tried my hand at making trackside cams. I grab the reverse gravel trackside cam and rename to my gokart track. I use the checkpoint coordinates from my notebook. I ended up triming the 12 cams I started with, to 8.

I found using Moving setting work better that Rotating or fixed. The Moving setting has the cam following the car as it come toward camera and car drives away from cam.

Also need to see where your AI sectors are for setting up the Active Between Sectors setting. This tell how long one cam stays on until switching to the next cam ( how many sectors before changing to next cam ).

Thank to pic below, I was able tell when I wanted one trackside cam to start and when cam should end and next cam should start:

You can overlap the last cam if you want ( finish line ).

My post on doing a loading and Bugear say they will make it easier in the next update:

I got do the loading screen for gokart track tonight. I tried first stealing the loading screen from the track example and tweak that one. That did not workout.

So I just started with a blank page in Photoshop at 1920x1200. Painted it black. Took a screenshot of the gokart track. Crop pic and got pic close to the 1920x1200 ratio and paste pic on top my black 1920x1200 canvas. Had to move the track pic higher up the canvas so pic was not to low when game did the loading screen.

We'll add proper UI asset templates (event preview, loading screen, results screen and car icon) in the next update.

About killer objects:

Np :) Btw, not all collisions / contacts need dynamic type. Take a look on the picture I have attached.

For example, I once tested adding one extra effect to the car vs car collision. The extra effect were the static killplayer effect. When car's hit eachothers - they instantly DNF'ed :D
I am sure you can make an static object (which does not move or do anything particular), but when something comes in contact with it, link in the killplayer effect. Just play around and test out things, it should work, at least the static type.

Edit: See picture:

Change contact effect to the killplayer effect (not the dynamic type, the static). Should give you some interesting results ;)

Big thanks End on helping me. I got killer cones!!!  :o

Beware of taking alternative route on a Purple44 track!!  ;D   Now I can think more about the King of the Roof\platform derby I want to do above Sandpit 1 track.  :D

About making killer cones ( killer objects ), I had already place some cones on the gokart track last night. Even tried tweaking the tracfficone.dntp to see if I could get killer tires using the Restitution setting, but setting only let me go up to 1, not the 35 Restitution number I use in Flatout 1 King of the Roof derby.  ( Any chance of getting a higher Restitution number Bugbear? )

So after seeing End last pic, I wanted to try it on the cones I had on the Gokart track. I change Contact Effect to point to the killplayer.fxtr file End gave us, it work.  :D :D

Now if you were to make a custom object ( prop_killer_ramp ) you wanted to turn into a killer object and not effect the other objects in the game, would need to make a custom dntp file and point your new object to that custom dntp file (killerramp.dntp ).


Here a tip to keep in mine when you are first starting a new custom track, use a track folder name that you would want to have when it time to release your custom track.

I started out with valer_custom_tarmac3 as my working track folder name. I would like to change it to gokart-raceway but that would break my custom objects and custom textures I'm using. In the gokart_raceway.scne track file, the path to the custom objects and custom textures uses valer_custom_tarmac3.

I would have to go in and re-choose the path for all the custom objects and custom textures I used, to gokart-raceway.
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What is nice with BagEdit is copy paste. You can copy Airoutes or Startpoints or Checkpoints into other files very easily. Just check 0 and 1 entries for sub scne files, like conflicting AI routes or start points.

Tested last night. Did "Small Stadium" demo inside the Inner Oval track.

Added Figure 8 checkpoints startpoints and route to the Oval track to race on the inside. It worked, but the path was rotated, not lined up with the center of the oval, so AI ran into the walls. I was able to complete laps.

No good visual way to edit.


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This thread needs a sticky. But a bump will do for now. ;D

Dell Inspiron 17 7720 with Nvidia GT650 graphics. Keyboard control.

Lame, I know.


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Thanks for the bump Zeb. Today I have some time to work on track. Thank to Heddly finding my orientation file I did for Flatout 1, I can tweak the orientation of objects easier now. :)

0  degrees - North - 12 o'clock
Orientation = {
["x"]={ 1.000000, 0.000000, 0.000000 },
["y"]={ 0.000000, 1.000000, 0.000000 },
["z"]={ 0.000000, 0.000000, 1.000000 } ,

10 degrees 
Orientation = {
["x"]={ 0.984077, 0.000000, -0.173648 },
["y"]={ 0.000000, 1.000000, 0.000000},
["z"]={ 0.173648, 0.000000, 0.984077 },

22.5 degrees 
Orientation = {
["x"]={ 0.923879, 0.000000, -0.382683 },
["y"]={ 0.000000, 1.000000, 0.000000},
["z"]={ 0.382683, 0.000000, 0.923879 },

45 degrees - North-East
Orientation = {
["x"]={ 0.707107, 0.000000, -0.707107 },
["y"]={ 0.000000, 1.000000, 0.000000},
["z"]={ 0.707107, 0.000000, 0.707107 },

File attach below.

With these orientation numbers you can spin an object or a car around in a 360 circle direction. There should be enough angles here to get your car or object pointed in the right direction. Remember these angles are like the minute hand on a clock. So picture your car as the minute hand as it move around the clock. The front of your car points to the direction the minute hand points to.

Here two pics how this look in game when spin an object.

This a pic of the 3 objects in Bagedit. Most the track objects are listed under Subscenes. You can use Expand All to see all the details of all the objects. Or just expand one object.

I made a duplicate of barrier object ( 1. ) and then made 2 more duplicates ( 2. & 3. ). I did some testing to see if I could find another number in the set of nine number matrix that would angle the barrier either up or down. I found the top, middle Y coordinate that underline orange, would angle barrier #2 when I change 0.0016 to 0.5. Then I took barrier #3 and change the orientation numbers and spun the angled barrier 180 degrees so angled barrier pointed the opposite way.

I'm thinking I can use the .5 to angle an object to make a ramp out of it, like I did in Flatout 2. You could increase this number or lower the number depend on how steep you want your ramp.

Now time start placing some objects to mark the checkpoints.
Flatout Joint, where the mods were.

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I got the finish line barriers place and I found a boulder to use to mark the checkpoints.

Don't worry I'm sinking the boulder low enough you can still drive over it with the mini Euro, but your going feel the rock if try cut the corners to much.

I still could not do a copy of an object from another track file and paste object into the valer.scne track file. But I found a better way.

What I did was I made another duplicate of barrier object, then I click Choose and select the Custom option and you will see the address window pointed to \data\art\objects\prop_barrier4.scne. So click Open, scroll down to the new object you want to use, say prop_sandpit4_boulder3_black.scne, click OK.

I also change the name from prop_barrier4.scne to prop_sandpit4_boulder3_black on the name line, so not get confuse of which object I'm working with.
Flatout Joint, where the mods were.

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Made a little more progress tonight. Got 6 sets of rocks place to mark the checkpoints. Only got about 7 more checkpoints to do.

In pic above I made a 2 duplicates of object 2016 ( rock ). One duplicate ( the rock ) is to mark the right hand end of a checkpoint and the second duplicate mark the left hand end of checkpoint. On a track that race clockwise, the right hand end of a checkpoint need to be on the inside of a turn. The left hand end of a checkpoint need to be on the outside of turn. I usually place the outside end of a checkout far enough from turn that a player going way wide still we not miss the checkpoint.

Two my left hand checkpoint ends were hard to see in the trees, so I cheated and rename the texture for the boulder so the boulders would show up purple on the map. ( missing texture color ). This way I can make sure these two boulders are far enough away from the track nobody can miss the checkpoint. I also set the boulders to a height of y=5 so the boulders don't hide in a hill or building when I'm moving them around.

E:\Steam\steamapps\common\Bugbear Entertainment\data\art\textures\prop_boulder3_black_c111.bmap

After I make my changes to the object coordinates and save my guess, I start track and go into Photomode and use the W,A,S,D keys to move cam around to where object is at to check if rock is the right spot.

I'm trying use the "keep 2 tires on the track" rule, to see if rock to close to the track. Since it rough racing, I'm giving a little slack with having 4 wheels off the track. And I'm hoping if a car goes over a rock the checkpoint will still count, but rock may slow your car down.

Rock to close to track:

This looks better:

I got a notepad and I'm writing down the rock coordinates for each pair of boulders so when I get done placing the rocks, I should be able to make quick work of putting in the new Checkpoints.

About making a guess of what coordinates to use to move an object to where you want it. Think of it as some one has pick a number between a -1000 and a 1000. That number that been pick is where you want your object to be. So you need to narrow it down. If you to far away, tweak your number higher or lower to get your "rock" closer.

You are trying find these points on a track map:

In doing the startpoints for Cops and Robbers on the Original Sandpit track map, I use coordinates from 345 to - 550. The sandpit track not square, more a rectangle. And "0,0" was not in the middle of the track map.

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Thank you for all your effort and the helpful infos. Never done anything like that, so I thought I'd start with small baby steps - no new track (because checkpoints and AI route look like a lot of work in BagEdit), but placing objects on existing tracks can be real fun. 

...had to be done ;)

getting off track is easy, so to get back on track without resetting I sunk a truck into the ground. not supersmooth but it works :) (prop_car_truck.scne)

So now we can rotate an object around the y-axis with the transformation matrix - is there a way to rotate it around the x- and/or z-axis?

The Very End

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Please give a download to that fun map :D


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Thank you for all your effort and the helpful infos. Never done anything like that, so I thought I'd start with small baby steps - no new track (because checkpoints and AI route look like a lot of work in BagEdit), but placing objects on existing tracks can be real fun. 

...had to be done ;)

getting off track is easy, so to get back on track without resetting I sunk a truck into the ground. not supersmooth but it works :) (prop_car_truck.scne)

So now we can rotate an object around the y-axis with the transformation matrix - is there a way to rotate it around the x- and/or z-axis?

Good going Ricky. :)  We needed that ramp to get out of the infield for a long time. :) I second End request!

About rotating it around the x- and/or z-axis, in pic below, the orange under line number will angle the object down, Then I cheat and rotate object 180 degree to get object to angle up in the other direction. the green under line number will angle the object to the right or left depending on which way you are looking at object. Then you can cheat and rotate object 180 degree to get object to lean the other direction.

This might not work well with some objects. I'm thinking I should install Blender on my gaming computer and and rotate an object and see if Blender would give me the whole set of 9 numbers. But so far I have not needed to be that accurate in rotating an object yet.


If you read my Hey what gives? The track barriers are not solid!! thread, you know that I found barrier4 from the Tarmac 3 track is not a solid object. So I had go look for a new barrier object to use that is solid. \data\art\objects

I found barrier6 to be a solid barrier to use.  :D

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HELP Please

I got all my checkpoint rocks place to show where the checkpoints will be on the track. I wrote down the position coordinates of each pair of rocks in a set in my notebook. I look at the checkpoints and do some testing with rocks and Checkpoint #0 is the start\finish line and checkpoint #15 for the Tarmac track is the checkpoint to point the cars where to pit after race is over. ( a new twist that was not in Flatout checkpoints )

I change the checkpoint #0 and #1 to my new checkpoints. Does the Position In Ai Route need to be change too? Is the Position In Ai Route the same thing as the Position numbers in Flatout? But just a different name?

Splitpoints = {
   [1] = {
      Position = { 189.037823, 0.000000, 372.269558 },
      Left = { 191.101490, 0.000000, 397.096292 },
      Right = { 186.974157, 0.000000, 347.442823 },

Did not change the Position In Ai Route numbers in first trying of checking to see if new checkpoints work. I start race and get green flag, then turn car to go toward the new start line and I trigger the red circle. I circle car around and head for the Tarmac start line, cross start line, red circle go away and I can race a lap and lap counts on the tarmac track.

So I'm thinking game is still reading the old checkpoints or maybe the Position In Ai Route numbers are doing it. So I tweak the Position In Ai Route numbers to be some where between right and left checkpoint ends for Checkpoint #0 and #1. I try race again and same think happens.

So I'm thinking it the Airoute spline points trigger the red circle. So I set the AIroutes setting from 2 to 0. No spline points for AI now. I try and load tarmac track and it lock up loading Tarmac track without the Airoute spline points. :(

I change Airoute back to 2 and I get the spline points back and Tarmac loads again, but still getting the red circle.

Sooo, where Wreckfest still getting the old checkpoints for Tarmac 3 and not using my 2 new checkpoints? What I need to do to get new checkpoints to work. Thanks for any help the Devs can give.


For those that are wondering, what the heck are spline points? The term spline points come from Flatout:    This file tell the AI where to go.

Count = 3

Splines = {
   ["AIBorderLineLeft"] = {
      Count = 24,
      ControlPoints = {
         [1] = { -3.482810, 127.236115, 382.111522},
         [2] = { 123.295513, 127.236115, 377.708103},
         [3] = { 211.017444, 127.236115, 367.061030},
         [4] = { 260.152210, 127.236115, 337.847311},
         [5] = { 328.183319, 127.236115, 253.360214},
         [6] = { 352.525569, 127.236115, 148.796080},
         [7] = { 407.097907, 127.236115, 17.843707},
         [8] = { 416.433513, 127.236115, -25.824952},
         [9] = { 420.855642, 127.236115, -93.828504},
         [10] = { 416.433513, 127.236115, -135.286038},
         [11] = { 352.425201, 127.236115, -234.399643},
         [12] = { 285.282257, 127.236115, -264.821259},
         [13] = { 220.966278, 127.236115, -262.904022},
         [14] = { 171.588120, 127.236115, -235.641068},
         [15] = { 120.658157, 127.236115, -213.728256},
         [16] = { -1.334780, 127.236115, -170.439209},
         [17] = { -88.172791, 127.236115, -116.080582},
         [18] = { -152.553983, 127.236115, -36.148379},
         [19] = { -165.335275, 127.236115, 5.060643},
         [20] = { -153.013986, 127.236115, 117.282088},
         [21] = { -150.582577, 127.236115, 211.331203},
         [22] = { -157.186800, 127.236115, 306.333305},
         [23] = { -141.415550, 127.236115, 343.729497},
         [24] = { -100.804569, 127.236115, 362.986227},

   ["AIBorderLineRight"] = {
      Count = 22,
      ControlPoints = {
         [1] = { 11.333745, 127.236115, 363.774902},
         [2] = { 120.412924, 127.236115, 362.329011},
         [3] = { 198.766501, 127.236115, 353.850782},
         [4] = { 259.265564, 127.236115, 325.580994},
         [5] = { 312.639832, 127.236115, 256.456787},
         [6] = { 338.276487, 127.236115, 131.839652},
         [7] = { 405.132517, 127.236115, 7.886719},
         [8] = { 414.959470, 127.236115, -64.267406},
         [9] = { 405.591116, 127.236115, -146.002764},
         [10] = { 348.453949, 127.236115, -224.618011},
         [11] = { 246.352051, 127.236115, -251.563049},
         [12] = { 140.224976, 127.236115, -207.658325},
         [13] = { 5.655388, 127.236115, -160.449890},
         [14] = { -78.316780, 127.236115, -109.557167},
         [15] = { -147.132616, 127.236115, -25.071182},
         [16] = { -155.478244, 127.236115, 15.379108},
         [17] = { -151.075428, 127.236115, 86.162396},
         [18] = { -143.189803, 127.236115, 191.088633},
         [19] = { -143.452653, 127.236115, 307.056243},
         [20] = { -128.601409, 127.236115, 339.063185},
         [21] = { -72.679181, 127.236115, 365.122219},
         [22] = { -33.251056, 127.236115, 367.619672},

   ["AIRaceLine"] = {
      Count = 0,
      ControlPoints = {


Here what spline point look like in Bagedit:

To try and do all them splines points ( 105 and 49 ) by hand, would take forever!!!! Gokart track should not need that many spline points. I need Bugbear AI route editor. :)

The AI spline are probably the toughest think to do if making a custom racing track with a lot turns in if. Especially if there sharp, tight turns. In Flatout 2, I use to use a sky cam and park my car near a turn and watch the AI say take the turns in this gokart track. Keep moving the spline points around until at least the smart AI like Jack and Sophie could get around the track.

My limited understanding of spline points, is the AI look for the next spline, they see it and will race to it, when they get pass the one they were looking for, then AI look for the next one to race to. Speed effect how fast the AI can react ( steer ) to the next spline point. If AI are getting up to full speed before a sharp turn, AI need to see next spline point sooner to get AI to brake sooner.

At the start of a race, all AI need to see that first left and right spline points. If AI don't, they can get lost, drive around in circles.


I was hoping to test the gokart track online this afternoon, look like that not going to happen now. :(

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Flatout Joint, where the mods were.

i5 2500 i7 8700, 16GB, Nvidia 660 960 1060 6GB, Win 10 64bit, DFGT Wheel

Hey Purple,

I've never actually used BagEdit for tweaking the AI routes or checkpoints (we use 3DS MAX to design those things here at Bugbear), so what I say in the following is only theory. Here goes anyway:

The checkpoint is a "gate", with the "Left Vertex" and "Right Vertex" marking the left and right edges of the gate, respectively.
The "Position In Ai Route" is the location of the center point of the checkpoint - it should lie at the (exact) center of those Left and Right Vertices.

So, if you want to move a checkpoint, do it like this:

1) move the Left and Right vertices to where you want
2) calculate the center point (just take the average for each of the x, y, z of Left and Right Vertices).

That should work.

Some notes that might help you:
  • Checkpoints should be located in correct order on the route ... so if you have checkpoint #3 appear later on the track than, say, checkpoint #7, strange things may happen. (Most likely you'll get the red "Wrong Way" circle.)
  • Checkpoint #0 always marks the start/finish line, so it is special. There are some restrictions concerning where or how much you can move it.
  • On some tracks, there are extra, Alternative Routes (like on Valkenswaard) - but Route Index #0 is always the Main Route.
  • The "pit lanes", for example, are Alternative Routes with their own checkpoints. On Valerbanen, checkpoint #15 is on the pit lane (as you can see in BagEdit: Route Index = 1 ).
  • If you set the "Is Split Point" to 1, the HUD will show you the "split times" (car ahead and car behind) when you cross the checkpoint. Typically, this is set for the start/finish checkpoint, and also some checkpoints in straights -- but not for checkpoints that are in places where it would cause distraction to the driver (in corners or jumps, and the like).


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Thanks Andrei for the reply. :)

So today I took another shot at getting the checkpoints to work. I did the math and found the midpoint numbers for the "Position In Ai Route". I cheated a little and made sure all my pairs of checkpoints use the same X coordinate or the same Z coordinate, so I only needed to find the midpoint numbers for X or Z.

Z are all the same number in this pic ( did not change X yet ):

So even with the exact "Position In Ai Route" numbers, I sitll get the red circle. But as I'm replacing the old Tarmac 3 checkpoints with my new ones, I do a save and take a spin around the Tarmac track and after doing a lap, on second lap, the lap changes to lap 2 further and further down the track as I swap in my new checkpoints. So my new checkpoints are doing something to Wreckfest.

My last checkpoint ( #12 ) got me to here before lap count turn to 2.

Next step I deleted the 2 checkpoints I did not need and kept the last checkpoint ( #15 ) that tells the cars where to go to pit after race is over. checkpoint #15 became checkpoint #13.

This is my coordinates for where I wanted the cars to pit:

At this point checkpoints still not working, but red circle had disappear. Was the Gokart track laps going count now? Nope. :(

I drove the track few times and lap count still stuck at 1/4. Next I delete checkpoint #13 to get rid of pit row checkpoint. Still no go. :( then set Alt Route Proxy to 0 for all checkpoints, still no go. I even deleted all the checkpoints but 0, 1 and 2 and still could not get the laps to count. I can drove all around the track map now and not trigger the red circle, but I'm out ideas to try to get GoKart track checkpoints to count laps.  :(

Andrei, could you please download the valer.scne track file I linked to below and load it in 3d Max and look to see if I got the checkpoints done right? I think I got them right. And if I do, can you please tell me what stopping the checkpoints from working?

Edit: Be sure to read though this whole thread for tips on track making. Here a post of what I learn this last weekend:

So I take it you have watch the video, so here the details how I got the banger track to that stage.

First, if you have not read through this thread, please go and do it now!!

GR ( now a small gr ) why are the checkpoints tied to the the AI routes????

Now that you have read the Gr thread, you know why my custom checkpoints were not working and Mazay figured out why. ( Thank you, Thank you Mazay! :D )

Now I was able to get back to tweaking the AI route sector points ( spline points ) with the big help from Mazay's AI Route Visualizer tool!  :D

Let me stop for a min and say when it come to doing custom tracks and custom cars and custom skins, it take a community to help out to get these mods done and learn how to do them. We saw this at Flatout Joint doing our community mods for Flatout 1 and 2. It take a community to put these mods together.

I'm glad to see we have a very helping community here at Bugbear forum. Without you guys helping me, I would of been stuck working on the these custom tracks ( Banger Oval and my Gokart track ). Thanks for all the help guys!!!!  :D

Back to tweaking AI spline points. So if you want the red circle to stop poping up as you go around the track, you will need to place enough AI sectors in the right spot to make game and the AI happy.

So I was a about here with the AI spline points before we get things figured out:

So I start driving the track and watch for the red circle to get triggered, then stop and add a spline and tweak it with the help of the AI Route Visualizer ( got 24 browser tabs open up from all my checking :P ).

Bagedit lets you move sector points up or down the list. I made a dulplicate of a spline point at the top the list ( #0 ) and wanted to move it down to the bottom of list ( to #14 ) so I could tweak it, using Alt+Down. The sector point had half the coordinates I wanted to use.

After got done moving sector point, I open #14 and it not the spline point I was looking for. I found the sector point I was moving at #10 and found "Move current item down" greyed out. Is there a limit how far Bagedit will let you move something with the Alt+Down and Alt+Up keys? I click on another file, then click back on the derby10.scne track file. I was able to continue moving sector point down to #14.

After I first tried the move, I checked the derby10.scne track file with the visualizer and saw spline point #10 in the wrong spot. So I new something was up and found Bagedit had not move my copy of #0 sector point, down to #14.

After I got enough sector points down to stop the red circle from popping up. I decide to checkout them racelines the visualizer shows:

In the visualizer pic above, I tweak the Right Safe Border line ( spline point #9 ) to see what would happen. So in my test, if you use a number close to zero it with push the line to the left. If use a number close to 1, you will push line to the right.

This what my new AI racelines look like now:

If you look at spline point #9, you will see I push the Right Safe and Raceline to the right. The AI going down that straightaway were hitting the wall. So using the lines, I got AI to drive into the corner sooner. :)

Ok, track making lesson for today is done. See ya next time.
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Flatout Joint, where the mods were.

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Always interesting reading your findings purple. I'm like chinese reading english 2/3rds of the time but still. LOL hope you can work it out :)

Hi again,

Just by looking at the coordinates you are setting for the checkpoints, I see that they are not located on the track - I take it that you are indeed trying to make a "Go-Kart Route" for the game. That's a nice idea, but it doesn't really work that way... or - it does, but moving the checkpoints is not enough.

The AI Routes are actually a set of Sectors that go around the track (much like in the FlatOut Track Editor screenshot in your first post of this thread, but a bit more complicated, or let's say... refined for more versatility). These Sectors determine the track that the cars race on, and their length vary from a few meters to a couple of dozen meters.

In Valerbanen, there are a total of 105 sectors, as you can see in BagEdit under Scene -> Airoutes ->Sectors.

A short answer as to why your checkpoints are not working is: they are not located on any Route (which consist of Sectors). The game simply ignores checkpoints that are "lost in the woods" (not on a Route).

So, to make a Route for the Go-Kart track, you'll first have to make a new Route with Sectors, and _then_ place checkpoints on that Route.
That *is* a lot of work, and takes some time even with our own tools - simply because there are typically hundreds of vertices for every Route.

Of course, you could start with a Route that has the Sectors set quite sparsely - for example an oval really needs a dozen or so sectors to make it work. And the checkpoints, of course.
If you want, I can give you a rundown of the requirements and restrictions on how they should be set to work properly. There's a few catches there.


PS. The Alt Route Proxy setting is for something else, you should leave it at the default of -1 for all checkpoints (-1 means invalid/unused in this context).