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There is absolutely no doubt that Next Car Game will have, as they said: "once in a life time moments". So the question is, will this game have a theatre mode?

I am thinking of a Halo 3 style kind of thing, record clips of your best moments, send them to all your friends or make a crash montage for the whole Internet!

What I am saying here is from what I have seen with this game, you will need to see it to believe it, so I would love to show the world just what this game can do!


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Replay with free camera+FRAPS=Theater mode.
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All I need is the ability to control the speed of playback, a flying camera and FRAPS like Imperial said, and the ability to disable the HUD. I can take care of hosting my videos myself.


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Just give us a free camera and full back\forward playback control.
Sensitivity up to 0.01s would be nice. =D
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