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I realized that I need to snag myself a trial copy of Max in order to see how they have their textures setup there, since it is possible and necessary to mimic in Blender, for their more complex material setups on the tracks.

I've also been busy with a large scale mod for another game,a s well as an unofficial patch project for another (woo x86 asm!).

At some point I'll be getting that trial copy and working on this some more. :)

Just out of curiosity what kind of  "large scale mod for another game" are you working on? That is, if you don't find this question too pokey, proddy, or nosy.


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Now we know  ;)
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Did anyone succesfully make an animation with the blender bgo-exporter?
I tried to make a pre-race camera animation on a path. (just a box following a path) but I get this error.

Did I do something wrong, or does the bgo-exporter not support animations?
Thanks for any info on this :)
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The exporter does not support animations yet as it was made at a time when the official animation specs were still WIP, so you can't export animations from Blender at all. Who knows, maybe in a future update :P


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The exporter does not support animations...


I appear to be having a problem with the building part.

Here is the error code:
----------------------------------- Log created on Thu Feb 16 00:06:42 2017 ---------------------------------
src\btoolcore\BgoImporter.cpp(426) ERROR : body : custom data has illegal key IsCollisionMesh

Any ideas?

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If you want collision the right syntax is col = true :)

Thanks now there's no error but it doesn't change the mesh in-game. Any ideas?

EDIT: Figured out what was wrong! Thanks for the help with the other issue thoug
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Huh? It seems to be flipped.

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Col = true only makes it solid, but does not change anything in the mesh :) I guess it is a car you work on? Rat@@s and Sam are great resourfes on this field as I am a bit turd at car making.


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Link to image as i don't know how to post them...

here's how  8)
...we also have a new image viewer that makes it very simple to share your images: simply paste the link into the post, select it and click the button in the toolbar labeled Insert Highslide thumbnail to insert the correct code snippet.

Paste the link, select it and click the button:

The result should then look something like this:

All done, and you're ready to post!