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Keep seeing in the NGC sections of the forum people suggesting cars used at local motorsport events they attend or enjoy. Some quite obscure stuff coming up that i hadn't heard of, especially the dirt track racing in mainland Europe
Be quite interesting to see who else is into what

I've been into Banger Racing since the age of 5 and have travelled all over the UK to watch and film.
Events take place in stadiums, speedways, dirt tracks and fields which are about 1/4 mile long, all around the UK, Belgium and Holland.
Events usually consist of a few heats (about 10 laps) and a final, which is longer (15/20 laps)
Most events finish with a Demolition Derby, which are last man standing events.

The aim is to complete a set amount of laps, and full contact is permitted (except with the drivers doors). Not everyone wants to win races though, some drivers prefer to go out and entertain by crashing into others, or by racing rare/unusual cars such as hearses and limos :D

Car preperation is kept relativley simple, strip all the interior and trim out, add a roll cage, bonnet bolts, weld the drivers door are and make sure all the doors are kept shut (tape/seatblet/bolts).

Here's a highlights compilation from 1 year showing the sort of crashing that goes on

So let's hear what you're into? whether it's demo derbys, grass track racing, rallying or even nascars

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John Burning

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Formula-1, WTCC, WRC, NASCAR, Indycar, RallyCross and, sure, derby racing!!!


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I remember seeing many of these local "folk races" here as a kid, mostly on an ice track nearby. I think these were big inspiration behind the original FlatOut concept :D

You may have seen James May from Top Gear taking part in one :)

I hope this game will capture some of the feeling of this kind of racing, rally cross also it's quite similar


Anyone wanna guess what mine is? haha. While I do like Rally racing. I also like the arena trophy trucks... Where there's like 20 of them on a fairly small course. But the best....

Definitely Demolition derbies :)

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BBC documentary on demolition derbies. Kinda made me laugh :)


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My top 3: the WRC, the BTCC/WTCC and the Endurance Racing series such as 24h Le Mans and Nurburgring. Hopefully I can get enough money and the means to get over to France for the 100th anniversary of Le Mans


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In Italy we go crazy over Formula1
Forza Ferrari!

Derbies aren't very popular, even though I read that every summer in Villareggia near Turin there is a derby during a weekend. Gonna check it out, someday.


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NASCAR. Bunch of drunk rednecks driving in circles at 200 M/h, a crash followed by a chain of destruction is inevitable, love it.

Besides that, used to watch ALMS on Motors TV when I still had it.

Though I guess it would be demo-derbies if they'd broadcast them here.


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WRC and Rallycross, of course :D
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