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As what Sam says, thanks. Think it should work but whatever reason or bug or whatnot, I cannot get particles to work regardless of what I change or add within tire settings. Body contact and tiremark as well as physics all work tho.


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To get the particle effects to work you might need to add to data/property/effects/tire
The first 3 files in TVE list should give you clues on how its all linked together.

Oh that's a lot of stuff you have to tweak, as well that I don't get the particles to work. Either way:

1: update the surface list with the additional surface (data/property/settings/surfacelist.srfl)
2: update the physics list / tire list within the tire folder (data/vehicle/shared/physics/tiredynamics)
3: add a surface (suse file) file with same name as the new surface (data/scene/surface)
4: add dntp file, called surface_newOne. These are placed in a other place than the ones in data / art / objects, think it is under properties / objects.
5: at export you need the files in your main BB folders, meaning you must do a lot of security copies. At same time copy the same file and folder structure over to the mod folder; as before starting game it is safe to delete those duplicate files from main folder. Will still work.

EDIT:added paths ~sam

Awesome, thanks you two!


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Want to race on a 80 degree bank turn?  :o

( click pic to enlarge )

Flatout Joint, where the mods were.

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