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Hey fellas, I know there hasn't been a lot of action here lately, but looking for interest in a 2 man team derby event.

Qualifying heats to be included as well as a b-bracket consolation round for an opportunity at the feature event and a main event.

General rules would include only 2 members per team,  no substitutions.

Team members must have pre-approved cars and colors. The team colors would have to match and you may not swap cars you are using between heats. 

Event specific rules include:
Only one American 2 OR American 4 per team. You may not have 2 of each nor one of each on a single team. So no am2+am2. No am4+AM4 and no am2 +am4. The purpose here is to get more than 2 or 3 styles of cars on the track. And not have a sandbag fest with the sedans.

This event would run under a bracket style.  Winners of heats advancing to feature event and losers going to the b-bracket for a shot to run the feature.  It would be possible to have 2 b-mains/consolations depending on car count.  I would only want 16 cars  (8 teams) in the main event, but that is all subjective to car/driver count.
This event would be held later in the summer or fall as I don't have time to set something like this up at this moment. The track would be small stadium as I feel that is the most fair track with the fewest obstacles so hiding will be hard and contact would be common.

Show interest by posting here if you would like this event to happen.

One thing I failed to mention is that teams that have a heavy hitter on them would get an automatic pass to the feature regardless of finishing position in their heat.
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  • Stuntman-Lee

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    What date? I'd be interested (I'm sure I could find another Assassin)
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    It's a few months off before I can think about it, just want to see whose interested for now so I can start preparations. I don't have the connections that some of these racers do
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  • Orbotnive T

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    As long as my pc holds up I'm interested. If it's a few months away then I should be fine (upgrade)


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    I might be down, could also probably host either way if you needed.


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    Hey, Mo;
    Interested, but whether or not I can make it depends on the date/time. I'd prefer it to be in the fall, as my summers tend to be busy.
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    I'm keen.  I'll share this around a bit.
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    im up for it if im around
    My steam group where u can always find some friends on NCG
    My NCG discord server

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    count me in
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    Count me in, gis a shout if you need a host :)
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    Awesome guys, thanks for showing interest. I'll set up a date later on and announce it. Will most likely be after 2 months (after my first derby of the summer) so almost any weekend after the 5th of August.
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  • Zethsquatch

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    I'm down to do some derbies if you guys are still organizing them