Author Topic: How to create custom cameras for offical / custom tracks  (Read 889 times)

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Posted this in a other topic, but I'd figure people might want to know how to create their own trackside cameras (and because it might be hard sightning the sollution when it's hidden in a other topic).

Take a look on the two pictures I have attached. Basically, the thing you want to do is to have a tcat (track camera I guess?) file for the track (same as track ID name), and then head over to the data entry. Here you simply plot in the wanted x / y / z coordinates, and voila, you have a custom made trackside camera. You can add or copy excisting cameras by duplicating a camera or increase the dataentry size by 1 (or more).

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I tried my hand at making trackside cams. I grab the reverse gravel trackside cam and rename to my gokart track. I use the checkpoint coordinates from my notebook. I ended up triming the 12 cams I started with, to 8.

I found using Moving setting work better that Rotating or fixed. The Moving setting has the cam following the car as it come toward camera and car drives away from cam.

Also need to see where your AI sectors are for setting up the Active Between Sectors setting. This tell how long one cam stays on until switching to the next cam ( how many sectors before changing to next cam ).

Thank to pic below, I was able tell when I wanted one trackside cam to start and when cam should end and next cam should start:

You can overlap the last cam if you want ( finish line ).
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Flatout Joint, where the mods were.

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