Author Topic: Update 2016-05-20: Steam Workshop Support + Track Modding  (Read 15520 times)

Team Bugbear

We’re happy to let you know that the latest update adds full Steam Workshop support to Wreckfest! Thanks to the Steam Workshop support we will have one centralized hub for all the custom content created by our exceptional community, and enjoying it is as easy as it gets: simply browse the workshop and subscribe to the mods that you want to, after which they will be automatically downloaded and appear in the in-game mod manager. The best part is that Steam will automatically take care of keeping your subscribed mods up-to-date so all that’s left for you is to enjoy them! And if you’re a mod author, sharing your creations to the masses has never been easier: simply click a button in Bag Editor, and your mod is uploaded to the workshop, ready to be downloaded and enjoyed. For more information on publishing your mods on Steam Workshop please see readme.txt in the tools folder.

To visit our new, shiny Steam Workshop click here.

And wait, there’s more: track modding support! Yes, it’s something that has been requested by many and sure enough, the latest update also adds all the necessary tools for you to create your own tracks. No matter whether you want to create an F1 circuit or a drifting course, it’s all now possible. To get you started we have included a collection of example assets in mods/example/track.

Speaking about modding tools, in case you haven’t noticed our awesome community member Dummiesman has created a Blender plugin to export game specific models from the popular free and open source modeling application Blender, eliminating the need for 3ds Max. The most up-to-date version of the plugin is available on our community forum here.

As always, please let us hear in case of any boo-boo. Thanks for your support!


  • Initial Steam Workshop support. Subscribed mods will appear in the in-game mod manager after they’ve been downloaded. See tools/Readme.txt for guidance on how to upload your mod to Steam Workshop.
  • Track modding support. All custom track data is stored in the mod’s data/track folder. See mods/example/track for two example tracks (minimal and a more complete one) as well as tools/track_modding.doc for additional info on how to create your own.
  • Improved Mixed 1 track art and added a reverse variant.
  • Improved Sandpit 2 geometry and added more gameplay props.
  • Added a reverse variant for Mixed 2.
  • Fixed server browser crashing with custom tracks.
  • Retuned car-to-car collisions.
  • AI is now faster in tight curves.
  • Player starting car is now C class.
  • Improved Bag Editor with little bits here and there.
  • AI names can now be customized by editing data/property/career/ai_names.txt (UTF-8).
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  • The Very End

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    Yes! Thanks :D


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    Steam Workshop!
    Mixed 1 Reverse!
    Improved Sandpit 2 and added more props!

    Dowloading... downloading... FASTER!!


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    AWESOME! big thanks! ..."gameplay props"? I like the sound of that :)
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    Janne Suur-Näkki

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    Yeah go check it out, it feels pretty different now :)


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    Really no more comments that I can think of.


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    Yeah go check it out, it feels pretty different now :)

    Hi Janne, is the exploding gas bottle back?

    I got track objects to load in Bagedit earlier today. I guess I had a brain fart when I PM you Wednesday saying I could not load gas bottle objects. It look like I was trying to load Build #6 objects and did not notice.   :-[

    Thanks to Zeb I tried again today and got gas bottle to load and it look like gas bottle ready to explode, but in my testing earlier today gas bottle just falls apart.

    This Build #6 gas bottle in hex editor:

    And here gas bottle from May 4 Build and it look to have the same string as Build #6:

    So what the trick to getting gas bottle to exploded, if it not in today new Build, Janne? I would go look, but been up all night tweaking AI routes for gokart track, bed time for me.

    Looking forward to checking out the new track tools.  :D :D
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    Flatout Joint, where the mods were.

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    Janne Suur-Näkki

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    Sorry no, I'm afraid the bottle is pending some code support before it will explode.

    Have fun creating tracks, though :)

    The Very End

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    I need screens of probs, tracks, everything! At work..

    Very cool news indeed. Now we don't have to use external file hosting service, just use steam.


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    Great stuff Janne and the rest of the team
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    where has mixed 2 gone?

    Janne Suur-Näkki

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    It's there in the event list like previously. Is it gone for you? Have you modded events.evss in data/property/career?

    St. Jimmy

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    Nice. Need to test things next week when I get home again
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    This is a great update with the track editor. Thank you.

    But here again, I will keep posting this until I get an answer:  :D

    What this game needs to be perfect for me is more game modes like in EveOfDestruction.

    Can you focus on more GAME MODES on the next update please ?

    Janne, can you tell me please is there a "points for turning other cars" planned and when to expect that mode ?

    I mean the Wrecking Racing mode from the old Destruction Derby 1.  :D

    I would like to have a race speed slider in single player races where you can reduce the car speeds. I think the speed after the race is over (about 60 km/h) is good for Wrecking Racing where the ONLY goal is to make points by turning opponent cars.

    My wishes for next build:

    - Wrecking points game mode (with slower race speed for single player)
    - Release the grey hilly track next to Mixed 2 but with black borders/sand walls. To make corners more visible.
    - Race speed slider
    - Preview of track layout, when click on track info button

    Thank you very much.
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