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What's going on? Maintenance?


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I got in contact with the host of the site - apparently the server crashed last week, but hopefully it'll come back online soon. Here's the response I got.

"I don't manage the content directly, it's a friends domain and wiki, however I host it. My server died the last week and I've been putting everything back together. I shall get in touch with him and get it put back up."



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Great to see it's back up again. I was for a moment worried if there have been backup :P


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Wiki is dead again. Anyone have copy?

If noone have time for moderation, existing content could be perhaps made into pdf/doc file or something?


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I guess spammers took over the site.  :(

this was a spamfest. No one was maintaining it and it was full of spam.

If you want something contact dummiesman.

As a last resort -

Would Daniel have the info that was posted?
Flatout Joint, where the mods were.

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