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Things I would like for this game

-Car control and realism
-Car modding and tuning
-For a decent rally a bit, like, flatout1

Car control and realism
I would like a decent game on the wheel and on the realism of some kind, and that when driving a car that seems to be under the car and the track the train for games like today,

Car tuning and tuning
This was the best thing in Flatout1 was always considered that to pull a couple of races you will be able to buy a better turbo, etc, I would like this game really car engine tuning and the ability to change the gear ratios, the same as flatout1 but more broadly, also would be cool if you should buy from new tires and do oil changes, etc.

The basic condition of the rally a little bit, like, flatout1
The condition of the forest tracks and I would ask that we could rally to properly destruction derby and the hard lines of the shortcut, etc.

This was in all FlatOuts. Plucking the multiplayer seemed to be on the left hand of, anyway single player to pull the battery days through every game and then would be nice to get to pull a decent multiplayer with Score lists and who has the fastest track time etc, could run for money a variety of races.

Properly and a lot of different cars, front-wheel drive, rear draws and four-bets, small, large, medium, and American ships and cars really different, but not that one is superior.

sry my english :D