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Lordy, Lordy, it's a 1940 Fordy!

Just started my next project. this is just another one of those "Gotta do" kind of cars.


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very nice
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One sorry thing about becoming mod is I can't rate posts any more, boo
But gold cup :) nice work hope to see it come together and to drive someday.


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Puts anything I do to shame haha, good work!
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Noice! will it have a split hood like this car?

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Great to see so many new user created cats :) will have to add this to my dedicated mod server once it's finished XD
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Going even more old school... Sweet. I can't wait to try this one. :D
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That's awesome :)


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Great to see so many new user created cats :)

We can mod cats into this game now? Well I can't wait to push massive mounds of hairballs around and crush opponents with them! /s
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Thanks all!

Both the standard and the deluxe coupe have a one piece hood. Split hoods was much earlier.

My next project may be even a much earlier model. Lets say an old Stanley Steamer. Of course the race would take forever to start because you have to wait for the water to heat up lol.

Another progress update. I have the outer body roughed in and the inner shell in place. The tough part will be figuring out the interior sheet metal detail, dash, and door panels.There will be headlights added to the fenders. I know it will probably look out of place for a race car, but I also thought it would be cool to be able to knock them out.


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This is amazing. I really like your 57' mod, but this grandpa of vehicles is even more extraordinary!

However... Is this the 41' Ford(y)? I can't quite tell, although it seems the most likely.

This is the standard 1940 Ford coupe, not the deluxe version. I think the standard version looks better than the Deluxe because the grill to me is a little over the top.
The only thing I'm not certain of is the firewall. I'm pretty sure it is the correct one though I've seen countersunk versions available. The countersunk version makes me think of the Willys coupe. I like the Willys, but I hate the way the interior is designed because it looks like a small box with no protruding dash and longer leg room.

The 40 Ford coupe was always a favorite among race car drivers and was used a lot by moonshiners because you could fit a whole elephant in the trunk lol.


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@Dr. Destructo by Hazbro

The 40's Ford is looking pretty cool man. I know you probably don't take requests but, how about '63 Ford Falcon Futura (North American, First Generation) next?
Driving around at the speed of sound and...etc.


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looks awsome.