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Looks EXCELLENT man!

 I still think it would wreck an EU1 and maybe an EU 3, hehehhe

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Thanks guys

Another quicky 4th of July update. Just finished up the interior support structure and rear firewall. Completed the dash and was surprised that it was a lot easier to model than the 57 Classic was. Also had a thought to put a separate fuel tank in the  trunk because it's so huge I had to put something in there ( other than moonshine ).

And yet again another update. Just finished up the fenders and the inner fenders ( wheelwells ). Created some front headlights that will be able to be broken off which should add to the coolness. Also created the front grille, roll cage, steering column, column shift and steering wheel.
I first thought of making your typical racing steering wheel then I thought that simply using the default factory wheel would be more fun. Did you know that the wheel is about 17" in diameter? You could drive a school bus with that thing. Now I know where all the body weight comes from. Get rid of the steering wheel and the car would only weigh a few ounces lol.

Just added a turntable animation just for funzies

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will the doors be openable like the normal cars doors do?


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will the doors be openable like the normal cars doors do?

Look at above screen shots, they are wide open.                                                                                                                       _

Yes the doors will be able to open in this one.

Still plugging away at it so here's where I'm at now. I've redone the rear firewall because I thought it was too boring. I finished the hood details including latch bracket interior skin and chrome. Created the rear tail lights and finished the front grille including supports and radiator pan. Also I finished up the interior skin of the trunk lid. I was going to use a normal map to show the interior door's details, but then I remembered that normal maps really have to be intensified to show up correctly and doesn't seem to work as well in interior areas so I went ahead and modeled those as well. I'm now starting on the suspension and drive train. I think I'm going to stick with the original suspension with this as well because it just looks so cool.


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A lot of those Moonshiners liked the flat head V8 Ford engines a lot, just wondering what you have in mind for the engine?

Keep up the great work.   8)
The car that was most commonly used by the shiners was the 1940 Ford Coupe. The were many reasons this model Ford made such a great “runner.” Besides for it being a pretty common car on the roads at that time, the 1940 Ford was powered by a Flathead V8 engine which was ideal to make horsepower.

Another reason these Ford’s were so popular with the runners was because of the large trunk space and the ability to easily modify the suspension to carry such heavy loads. The large trunk capacity and increased suspension load allowed much larger runs of “white lightning” to be carried during a single trip.

Oh I'm definitely doing the flathead. It'll be a dual carb, suped up version.


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Hmmm, if this 40 Classic car is ready to go Saturday Aug 27, be great to use in Cops and Robbers event. Was planning on using the 57 as a cop car, too.  :D

But don't hurry on my account. Finish the 40 Classic on your time table Destructo.
Flatout Joint, where the mods were.

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If you ever wonder what car you want to do next (if you'll make another one), I'd like to propose this one. Came across it yesterday and had not seen it before. Thought to myself, this would fit nicely into your then trilogy. :) A trilogy it has to be ;)

1950 Studebaker Champion (...that nose)    google image search link

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A Studebaker? Even people who lived during that era would have said "Seriously, a Studebaker in Wreckfest?" lol
Besides, with the nose on that car, you'll end up putting someone's eye out. And you know all's fun in Wreckfest until you put someone's eye out.
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I'm just loving the progress on the 40 Dr. Destructo. Can't wait to get this thing on the track.  :)
Driving around at the speed of sound and...etc.

Thanks man
Just a quicky update. This went along a lot faster than I thought it would. I've finished up the banjo rearend, spring, lever shocks, torque tube, and radius rods. I love this old style type of design. If everything was made of brass it would remind me of steam punk.


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Man, that looks like a lot of work, but so worth it in my opinion.

Can't wait to see her live!  :)