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This thread is a cuninuation of the posts I made in the (mod) all vehicle thread This post is for my mod. Progress changed jacks race class car to a custum bullet gt called benten's bullet gt and a'm  planning on adding a custom skin to match to. But there's a catch I have to figure out how to add bentans bullet gt to the car selection and I am not sire if he uses the player version or autatically gets in the ai version that I made I have to do more tests.

more progress i got the ai to choose the bus when ever you do and i successfully added benten's bullet GT and plan on having the ai choose the same bonus car as the player. same go's for the stunt car's.

this is the bus in action

benten's bullet GT

i think the mod is done. i had to create custom classes for the bus, semi, rocket, and the stunt class cars so the AI can choose the same cars as the player and on the AI cars skin 5 the colors are correct so the AI skins look right but on the player cars the colors are unchanged and the AI cars are unlockable in career mode to because the AI cars are locked in career mode. i will post a link tomorrow, this mod took all week to get right.


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