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I was thinking just a typical dirt track with banked corners with no walls on the corners you just kinda fall behind the corner but walls on the straights , I think that would be something really fun to race at.
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Could probably be made by using the 'Mud Pit' as a base and setting up a few barriers.

Although I'm more in favour of finishing existing WIP tracks and creating new, unique and more interesting tracks instead, considering we already have 3 oval options available. I really think regular tracks like Gravel, the Tarmacs, Sandpits and Mixeds allow for much more replayability.

I personally hope for a Gravel 2. A more off-roady course that's slightly longer. Something like a miniaturised Sandpit 3 in terms of layout, but with more bumps in the road, optimised for the rally suspension, which does need more work in order to become viable.


A slick, muddy oval would be a lot of fun too!  More dirt tracks in general would be cool.
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    Agreed. There's lots of cool dirt tracks in the U.S. that can be easily modeled after.

    Bloomington, Indiana and Silverdollar Speedway in Chico, California are both short, high banked tracks with no guard rails

    Another idea is the county fairgrounds that I race at. It's just a flat clay field with two loader tires that we race around. Might be interesting.


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    This is Florence Speedway where I used to race. It's a 1/2 mile clay oval with some banking in the turns.

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    Isn't the UK dirt ovals pretty similar? If so, there allready are some to take from allready :)


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    I think Sam would be the person to definetly know for sure, but I think the closest we have in the UK is either: Mildenhall, Sheffield and King's Lynn.

    King's Lynn:

    However, note that UK short ovals are typically 1/4 to 1/3 mile in length, don't have that much banking and are walled in quite abit.
    Also, some tracks are less 'uniform', where one turn might have slightly more banking or might be abit tighter than the rest of the track.

    There are also non-stadium tracks as well such as Stansted and Smallfield.

    One UK track that I would like to be see made (if possible) is Millom:
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