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ok first of all sry for maybe the 100 topic about Music , but i didn't find a normal Soundtrack Topic . ( and sorry for my bad English ,I come from Germany ^^ i try my best )

My wish for the game is, that Bugbear could insert action Music . a mix of Rock and other Genres ( just like in Flatout 2 or other arcade racing Games)

many people say that Music isn't a good thing (My Father is one of them  ;D ) and maybe a lot of it hate music in a game, but i think music in racing games gives a action feeling and the Soundtracks are memories ....

i have a lot of music wishes ( Yellowcard , Rise Against , My Chemical Romance or Senses Fail <- Favorit  :D )

Soundtracks are more than "just music" they are memories for ever and they make happy, angry, sad or they are the Favorit song/s of anyone  .......

in the end is still said . yes, I am a Soundtrack fan of Racing games . i love it if i drive and hear the orig. Soundtrack of the game i played


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Better get some Electronic going.

Like this or that.


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Any (destruction-based) racing game without Rob Zombie is nothing!


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Better get some Electronic going.

Like this or that.
The second song is great

Rowdy Burns

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Alien Ant Farm - Wish
Gets my vote for a cover soundtrack.


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Us older racers might have heard this one before.....From 1977 and aptly named....THE CRUNCH by the Rah Band.

Take a listen.....

Rowdy Burns

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I was thinking back when i use to play Road Rash on the 3DO... There were some great songs on that game!


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Propagandhi - The Banger's Embrace

Here's Soundtrack topic (~42 pages):
Soundtrack Ideas

Lock maybe?
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