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Dirk Faulhaber

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I'd think, a kind of abandoned german Autobahn would be a good gimmick to the game.
For example such a track with a bit of speedway and some driveways, crosses, abandoned construction points, exits,...
But in this condition it should be!

A propos: This Autobahn is from 1936. It was used from 1936 till 2016.


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So... you put the pedal to the medal for x min with slight left&right adjustments?

Surely makes for intense gameplay...

Dirk Faulhaber

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You know it. OK, no comment.
Only... ah, forget it! So you seem not to be from germany. You know what it is reality here?


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I watched the video and it's just very 'mild' curves in between straights where you wouldn't need to slow down for miles. I don't get the appeal of something like this being a race track, unless you want to do drag racing, perhaps. A true race track doesn't let you endlessly bounce off the rev limiter in final drive, Habibi.

'Dem real tracks got tight curves, bruh!
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I have to side with HyperX on this one... it would be pretty boring unless highway patrol or Autobahn polizei were involved, Or! just a crazy point A to Point B weaving in and out of traffic type of race.

Roadside Repair

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Is the Green Hell maybe a good inspiration to set up a track?

Green Hell= Nordschleife / Nürnbergring
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