Author Topic: Dual View/Dual Play easy to support if Splitscreen supported  (Read 1356 times)


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I would just ask a little support option for the very small community who have a 3D TV and wants to play in DualView mode...

It's not something that would be hard or take much time to do as I'm a little experienced with Ratio stuff.

The only thing to do is only to adjust the Wide Ratio output image of the splitscreens only with a DualPlay checkered option where when activated, the picture is half squeezed vertically for each of both splitscreen.

So when this option checkered and the monitor isn't in 3d mode we get normal splitscreen view but with the image verticaly halved, but when 3d Top/Bottom mode activated on the TV we get a full screen with a good aspect ratio for each of both player ...

DualPlay/DualView is really simple to understand when tried and it's really fabulous to be able playing a 2 players game and having a full screen view to each player also without being able to see the screen of the other player.  It's like a local 2 players local lan with only one monitor.

I also think that developers of any new splitscreen support in games should add a little aspect ratio fix to add this really great support... also this fix do not really demands to recalculate a lot of things like the HUD and other things..

Maybe some may be interested by this little idea ?

Lari Fari

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I deliberately bump this ONE YEAR OLD THREAD as it seems to have been overlooked and I find the idea interesting.

Would this mean, that depending on which angle you look at the TV you would either see Player 1's OR Player 2's view on the ENTIRE screen?? That seems like an awesome idea! Is that possible? Are there already games that do this??

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