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Sorry if all I will say may be similar to any other posts as I didn't read every thread..

Just want to say I'll pre-order just after this post and I would liek to thank you so much BugBear team for all you efforts put into your racing games...

I'm really a fan of your games since your first Flatout game on PS2...   I finnished Flatout 1,2 and Ultimate Carnage on PC.  For me they are the racing games I had the much fun to play ..

So, all that only to say I don't see which rules could be changed from Flatout Ultimate Carnage without loosing all the fun from it...  In fact UC is perfect for me... very well balanced.

We should continue being able to buy/sell/upgrade like FlatOut..

The game should be hard as Flatout with a really great AI making each play feeling different with full of action !

Should a a great Carreer mode a least the size of Flatout UC.

I think that everything about the Nitro (progressive uses and gains, way to get) was already perfect .. (not like Unbounded)

I really don't know what you could add,  just the all same rules of the UltimateCarnage but with more races, graphics details and options like the 2-4p splitscreens, 3d support (even if UC is already candyeye in stereo on PC without being planned for 3D at the time),

I'm hurry to see the new physics engine as UC really have a almost perfect physics/collision system to me ;-)

Hope it also gets a great catchy soundtrack ... maybe variable style ?  Rock/Metal for countryside races and Techno/DrumNBass/DubStep for in city races ?

Rain,snow, oil, night, day, foggy ...  all kind of situation/weather you could think !!

Also great thing, I know the races are already designed full of intense action and gameplay but maybe there could be some special races (maybe one by chapter) where it's a "start to finish" race, no loops,  only a wicked hard race with enough hazards like mega jumps and maybe everything breaks back of you running wild to reach the finnish line with insane speed and aggressivity from AIs..   Like going down the harzadous mountain !
I really think that one of these kind of races by chapter would be very fun ...   it could be to complete the chapter..

Maybe the only other idea that came from my mind would be a possibility to have to repair our car at he finish line...  Gas/Repair ??     For me, gas should be more bad because that's a thing you don't want to think about in a full action racing game but if you want more simulation aspects we could have things like speed performance ratio/repair needed ...   so you can choose to make another lap without repairing but you take chances as your tires doesn't grip enough ...  it also can be the speed or any other things like the suspension uses and breaks depending the crash we makes... you decide which chances you take.
I think that it's an interesting idea but don't know if it would fit the game well ...  This can add to the experience but also can be a pain and makes the game less fun..
There are some contradiction like if we need to crash into cars and breaks things to get Nitro finally to have to repair the car ... ??!

Ah, some little things I would really not want to see..
Do not make any slowdown/show effect of crashes like Unbounded ..  I was really disapointed by this ...  This racing game could almost be as fun as a Flatout game if the racing wouldn't stop everytime there's an important collision... Also I really disliked the way the tricky physics worked feeling like the oponnent juste have to be in your back, uses a nitro and crash you instead of just pushing you ... mega crash activation by ultra sensitive touches between cars ..

More cars, (maybe 20 in carreer) surely possible with new hardware.. .. Want to say i really liked the Drivers Artworks for each cars in Flatout 2  when loading races ...  It added a little touch or personality attached to the AI cars in the game. Like some older racing games, Road Rash, Rock N Roll Racing...

So, for today that's enough ..  I'll go and pre-order this next "can wait for it" game !!

Sorry for this long post as I said I din't read all other ideas from other users..
And keep up the good work Bugbear, you are my favorite racing game developper !!
I don't think we would get a better Demolition Derby racing game like Flatout without you !