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Bugbear disappointment, the AI cars on the roof are always resets

Can you put an option, the cars AI on the roof : on / Cars AI on the Roof : off.
i want disable AI reset !

I asked for this option there is one year ago

is it an project ???

i don't speak english i am french

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I know someone else who really wants this option as well, hopefully Bugbear will add it in.
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Resetting the car when landed on the roof is taking enough time now, first press 'escape' than 'reset car' and by then everbody has overtaken you. Offcourse the 'reset car' option can be deleted but this will not encourage (impatient) newbies who get roof-stranded in the first corner. Maybe that later in the game, when tracks get accessable after reaching a certain level, the 'reset car' option can be put on 'not working'. By than you are experienced enough?
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It was the artificial intelligence though that dorent wants to sit there stranded for good after the crash either on or offline :)  And I'd like that too.


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Ai for all cars.
when I bought the game there a year ago , all the AI cars remained on the roof.

for me the AI cars that are on the roof , stay on the roof.

Warning, I speak for the parties solo not multiplayer

he is not difficult to put option on the roof : on / off , for the 23 cars ( artificial intelligence ) for the solo race , not multiplayers

I am not strong in English , I hope you understand
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received no response from developers they remain silent

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They're actually away now and have been a while. Not sure when they'll be back but bump the thread once you see a dev pop in again :)