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Glad to see that the early backers will get the new stuff as well.  It has been a loooong time coming, and I really doubted we would see much more development for the last year or more.

St. Jimmy

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Jimmy, could you attach your damage sector file to your post, I would like to try it. I only tried tweaking the damage.dset file that effects the health bar. I take it you have to put this tweaked damage sector file in all the car folders, looking at your pic?

Actually now that I watched the damage.dset file, it's better place to tune those things in, because you can do the same effect and it's global. That way damage_sectors.dmsd can tune how damage works on individual cars.
I'll link later interesting damage system where there exist critical momentum that wrecks you instantly (drains all your HP no matter what your sector damage status are, kind of like critical hit/momentum) but otherwise you don't lose HP at all until you've a sector that's fully damaged and you're hit on that sector.
Because of how damage.dset file only has 200HP maximum, the whole system needs to be built to work with max 200HP ;) Though it likely needs to be bit lower if you want even more flexibility with the 'Sector Dmg To Hit Point Dmg' curve in the system in the damage_sectors.dmg.

// The system was more complicated but I now think I understand it better and I made a mod that you can see in the mod share.
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Hello Janne.

Will Stuntfest support multiplayer in some form?  I've a few buddies--not the most talented drivers--who quite liked Flatout 2's highjumps and the like.


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maybe you could make the tech demo map apart of stunt fest that would be cool


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It would be cool if everybody who has pre-ordered the PC game very early will get stuntfest for free :) as a special thanks :P

Well, I didn't mean that exactly but such a compensation for a delay in development of Wreckfest should be done. Creating 2 games simultaneously will affect negatively development period of both. What's more early backers thought (and trusted Bugbear) it will be AWESOME game. No, it won't be. Most thought about more destructible environment, longer tracks and more variety in cars. Unfortunately it won't happen.

Even if I made these $35 worth during 257 hours of playing wreckfest i'm starting to regret buying this game in early access stage and won't invest additional money on another game from Bugbear for sure.

Releasing second early access game before finishing the first one is just the worst thing that company can do.

Only the guys that put up $50 ( masters ) or $70 ( team ) at Bugbear old website are getting the free Stuntfest, I believe.

But I think it had to be done if Bugbear going get the needed time\money to finish Wreckfest or they may of had to close their studio doors. If Bugbear don't finish Wreckfest, Bugbear be history, I think!  I would hate see that happen this close to the finish line!!!!
It's same situation as people who get a credit in a bank (and spent it), after some time they don't have money to pay it off (because they didn't earn enough money) and get another one to do it. But when they get second credit, they don't realize it has to be paid off soon too. What will they do then, ask a bank for another credit? Do you see the point?

I don't think that quite the same thing that Bugbear doing. This "investing partner" that Bugbear mention probably getting at least half the profit from the sales of Stuntfest for advancing Bugbear some working capital to get Bugbear to the finish line with Wreckfest next year.

I hope Bugbear was able to still keep a 100% control of Wreckfest and it profits down the road. Empire Interactive got to keep most the 50 million dollars profit made from the Flatout series before going bust in 2009 thanks to the great recession.  Empire Interactive did not share much of it with Bugbear.
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Flatout Joint, where the mods were.

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As most of you pointed out, health bar system must go - the game has lost it's tactical side :(. I liked the way damage system was in previous builds when I had to think - what part I have most broken or in other words which part is "blacked out?" before I crash into something, but now it's all about looking for someone who has the less health.

Hell, I even pirated all previous builds through some russian sites, so I can remember how the game used to play out and yes the build 6 in my opinion is still the most "polished and balanced" apart from some issues it has. And most satisfying AI is probably in build through 1 to 4.

Anyway, if something isn't done with health bar system, I am done with this game. The amount of immersion this game has already lost with decisions like these cough* sandpit track cough*, I am simply DONE.


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Does anyone know when the devs will be back from vacation?
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I need to contact someone at BugBear regarding a PS4 copy. I haven't been able to get the game to run in over a year on my only computer. I've tried sending a couple of messages to admin, but when I check my sent folder here on the forum, nothing shows...

I just want to enjoy Wreckfest/Next Car Game since I paid $25 to support BB back in February 2014,

Devs are still on holidays, I think. Hopefully they'll be back soon, in a few days.


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sooo when is stunt feast supposed to be out again? i'm looking foreword to playing it.


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sooo when is stunt feast supposed to be out again? i'm looking foreword to playing it.

Either in this month or october. Still no exact date yet.

Flame Coyote

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Thats awesome! i liked the small demo :D
and now a full game, very nice guys :p

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Mail received a few seconds ago :
Hey [name],

We're pleased to let you know that the first playable version of Stuntfest is available now. Please view your updated Stuntfest Steam license key:

The guys at Bugbear

Can't wait to be home to try it !

EDIT : Meh... Flatout minigames (wich I always avoided) with WF handling... Not my cup of tea :/
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Same here. Got the key.
Now that Stuntfest is out, the devs might drop by and fix customers' issues.


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sooo when is stunt feast supposed to be out again? i'm looking foreword to playing it.

Either in this month or october. Still no exact date yet.
Is there a specific mod or dev I should try to contact?