Author Topic: Wreckfest console versions and Stuntfest announced!  (Read 6069 times)


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Hello everyone we are (****bear)  Bugbear Entertainment!

We like to make games and make multiple projects on same time, even if one is not finished. Don't forget our opinion is to milk our customers. Have fun with our lovely unfinished games!
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still not gonna be happy till nitro is added (wanted wreckfest to be more akin to Flatout 2).....and yes, i haven't posted for a long time, and yes, i am bumping a thread
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Dirt Showdown is available for free on for another 21 hours.

I'm kinda bummed that I'm enjoying a 4+ years old game that got mixed reviews more than I could ever imagine enjoying Wreckfest. I mean, it has plenty of decent game modes (Domination, elevated derby rings where you have to knock out your opponents, tracks where you have to perform stunts / drifts, etc.), great soundtrack, very casual but enjoyable physics. Its presentation is not exactly what I'm looking for, but still it seems to be fun and diverse. I honestly can't see Wreckfest end up being that fun, I think it's trying to take itself too seriously.

Time will tell [I realize it's still (pre-)alpha], but I was hoping they'd go with FlatOut 1's direction - not too 'silly', but still arcade fun. I guess I was wrong. This announcement makes me all the more disappointed. It looks like they can't keep up with one project, and they still start working on another (which should be a part of Wreckfest in my opinion, but that's another story). :-\
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I agree its an older game and is 100x more fun than what WreckFest has ever been in 4 years.


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get dirt 3 . insane fun online and many servers many of which are full :)


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Ironically, Dirt Showdown's crashes and collisions aren't as chaotic, car deformation is pre-defined and driving is easy as heck.

Also, get Dirt Rally.
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