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Author Topic: POLL: Gamepad, keyboard or a wheel?  (Read 46257 times)


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I use the logitech driving force gt and it feels good, maybe it would have more settings for the wheel but there is time to improve it.


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Always go keyboard.
I've messed around with an X360 gamepad but I honestly feel that keyboard is thew way to go for me.


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You need a wheel for best control.
Bugbear work hard for the physics.
You can't feel the physics with keyboard or gamepad.

This is exacly what I have: (Playseat Alcantara + Logitech G27)


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I run a Logitech Driving Force GT wheel with 540Deg. rotation, force feedback set to 120%. Feels 95% there as it is. I don't really have a lot of time to mess about with it to be honest, just like to jump in and drive. :-\


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Gamepad, but, I only use the D-pad for steering, not touching the analog sticks. :)


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I use, PS3 joypad with analog sticks


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Logitech G29


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Playing Wreckfest with the Logitech G29 Driving Force wheel :)

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Mostly XBOX 360 controller, Logitech G27 when I'm sure I have more time. I know I know... I should always use the G27...
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