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Welcome to the NASCAR LEGENDS ONLINE Where you can now be a NASCAR race driver in Wreckfest.

Also Note one of the community person called Ben is hositng the 1st nascar server  BenDover's Nascar online mod server Come and join it 


Select the classic stock car and build your own nascar legend using the nascar skins, rims and power parts provided, then hit multiplayer and search for servers running the mod.

It Currently has 1 "Classic Stock Car" which replaces your "Rammer RS" vehicle, It has 32 nascar skins and a choice of wheel colours for 1 nascar wheel style, the other 69 skins and wheel styles from the set will follow as the mod grows.

However these things are now good for over 190 MPH! and with real people.

(This is for online use only and is a work in progress)

Give feedback if you can to help us get it perfected, and please hit that RATE button :)