Author Topic: Wreckfest "Showreel" after races/derbies  (Read 1281 times)


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> Idea (shortly)
After every event player could watch the best part of race/derby. If player doesn't want to watch it he/she could skip it.
The video contain crashes, flip overs, spins and other different events.
It will be created automatically based on how much damage player dealt, how many times car rolled over or the short time when happened the most collides.
Video's length would be about max 1 min (not too long, short showreel).
Old fashion replay mode stays, Showreel doesn't replace the replay mode.
Song behind the video (from Wreckfest's soundtrack)

> Sharing
Player could share his race's "Showreel" easily into social medias or into YouTube.
It should be as easy as with Grid 2 game; if you have YouTube account linked into game just click one button, enter the topic and send.
When player shares the showreel video Wreckfest adds watermarks into video; for example there is Wreckfest logo in bottom right corner with player name.
Easy sharing into Steam
Easy export for other use (uses game graphic settings / user could render like in Trackmania replay mode. Easy menu for different video settings (720p, 1080p, 30fps, 60fps, ...)

> Developer perspective
Some bullets (Short video(s) about ... ):
- the most dealt damage for other driver
- the most rollovers/flip overs
- the most contact happened in a short time
- -> If there happened many contacts in short time the showreel show this after race
- the fastest time
- clean driving
- the biggest count of passing other players
- -> How many pass the driver did in a short time
- clean/dirty passes
- race start / finish
- wrecks
- the longest successfully/failed jump
- ? ? ?

Game recognize these and saves cars' places (x,y,z). Works the same way like in-game replay.
Camera movements are automated, cameras from side of the track, from inside the car, on hood, ... ("realistic" camera places)

> Ideas from YouTube
These are just ideas (btw where the *** is [spoiler] tag?
The Finke Desert Race Explained Mini Showreel 2 of 2

Racing Showreel 2015: French Hillclimb Championship

2ndUnitFilms NASCAR ,Showreel, driving stunts, car crashes, racing, stunts, Stunt Coordinator

GoPro Best of Racing & Rally CRASH Maximum Attack Flatout

Wreckfest Trailer

Showreel Automotive 2014

What do you think about Showreel idea? Why it is good/bad? More ideas for Showreel?
I'll fix typos later. I wrote this so fast that there is typos etc.  :D


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Great idea.
This also reminded me of iRacing where, during replays. you can set an option for the camera to only focus on collisions and crashes (when they happen). This should be a must in a game like this too.


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Very good idea Finsku, which would certainly breathe life into multiplayer and give "fuel" for streamers. Collisions, fluttering parts, screeching metal, both with racing part - it should be more exposed.
through the prism of time spent by me on multiplayer when you combine stuff like:
"- the most dealt damage for other driver
- the most rollovers/flip overs
- the most contact happened in a short time"
with some sort of statistics and revard system its gona be a total blast!
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Mario Kart is nice example for this idea. If someone doesn't know, after every race you can see the best parts of race.
I tried to find a video but every video has kids/adults screaming (lets play videos).. ???????