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Rowdy Burns

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+1 Some sort of officially endorsed community (free) mod pack might work. Hopefully Janne will read this thread

Still wondering if Janne has read this thread!  :)

how about split screen if the ps4 can handle it at this level of graphics you could lower the graphics when in splitscreen i would not mind at all, i think it would be fun also the number of ai cars would have to be reduced as well but i would not mind at all splitscreen is a must for ps4 version.

I`d actually prefer to be selfish with this game and have the full screen to myself with cleaner graphics and a full grid on the track. But I also don`t mind if there is an option that says "split screen" in the long as there are no impossible trophy/achievements for that mode!!

why not? i think split screen is impotent to racing game's since its going to be on consoles. i don't want online trophies that will be impossible to get after the servers are shut down like motorstorm pacific rift anybody remember that crap i had to use those instant trophies save game to get them.

I just haven`t used split screen on a console since PS1/PS2 days so it wouldn`t get any use in my house and if it did it would just be a novelty for a day or so! Yeah I remember thinking I`ll platinum Motorstorm 2 cos it Motorstorm but it never happened lol I think there`s nothing worse than them impossible or stupidly tedious trophies!


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I've a PS4 and preordered the game over a year ago, so I'm really looking forward to it.

Just been through the custom skins thread and would love to be able to add my own - been using Illustrator and Photoshop for 20+ years now, but then the mention of .exe files put me off cos I only use Mac.

Will custom skins be available for PS4?

If it's not, I'd really like to be able to change the number AND number style regardless of the car. Seeing the same cars ALL with the same numbers looks bad in all the pics and videos I've seen.