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Rowdy Burns

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+1 Some sort of officially endorsed community (free) mod pack might work. Hopefully Janne will read this thread

Still wondering if Janne has read this thread!  :)

how about split screen if the ps4 can handle it at this level of graphics you could lower the graphics when in splitscreen i would not mind at all, i think it would be fun also the number of ai cars would have to be reduced as well but i would not mind at all splitscreen is a must for ps4 version.

I`d actually prefer to be selfish with this game and have the full screen to myself with cleaner graphics and a full grid on the track. But I also don`t mind if there is an option that says "split screen" in the long as there are no impossible trophy/achievements for that mode!!

why not? i think split screen is impotent to racing game's since its going to be on consoles. i don't want online trophies that will be impossible to get after the servers are shut down like motorstorm pacific rift anybody remember that crap i had to use those instant trophies save game to get them.

I just haven`t used split screen on a console since PS1/PS2 days so it wouldn`t get any use in my house and if it did it would just be a novelty for a day or so! Yeah I remember thinking I`ll platinum Motorstorm 2 cos it Motorstorm but it never happened lol I think there`s nothing worse than them impossible or stupidly tedious trophies!