Author Topic: Is Mixed 4 based on Estering?  (Read 1857 times)


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After racing on Mixed 4 quite often now, one of my favourite tracks simply, I watched this weekend's World RX championship on the Estering.

I noticed quite some similarities right away! See for yourselves:

For comparison:

(Thanks Hoppen!)

Now, after reading the "coming tracks" post, Estering was listed as "?". I am almost 100% sure that Mixed 4 is loosely based on Estering.
Well, can anyone confirm please? :D
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Nice find :)   I think Chuck Norris would approve.


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If you look inside the games files, there's a mention to Estering, so is definitively that!


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I'm liking this track.  :D  :D

The jump hills are just right to get a little air during the race.  :D

And I like the shortcut, a shortcut with risk. In 4 lap races last night, I was getting through the shortcut 3 out of the 4 laps OK, but if I come in to fast or car don't turn enough, I can catch a barrier wall.  :D And if there 2 ya trying make the shortcut at the same time, watch out!!  :o

Live by shortcut, die by the shortcut.

This the kind of folkrace track I want see in Wreckfest, not flat.   
Flatout Joint, where the mods were.

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Ah it's that much different from the original (at least it looks bit wider and different in the videos). Probably the reason why it's just Mixed 4 and not Estering, like other real life tracks in game.

Take a picture high above so the similarity is easy to see.

Also it's likely easy to check if the track is Estering in the files or is the track just based on it. There was Estering file already in the last build.
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Yes!  I just noticed this today.  It totally feels like Estering... like a really good recreation of it too.
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