Author Topic: I feel like the engine and rollcage has to be more sturdy  (Read 1903 times)


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The engine is one of the heaviest and most robust in a real car, but in wreckfest it bens like anything else as seen in this screenshot:

Same for the roll cage:

Maybe you guys can change that part to make it more realistic

Edit: maybe change the location of the drivers hands as well in relation to the steering weel
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Think like a Proton!

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The steering wheel problem will be fixed in next update:
A fix to the steering wheel getting, erm, out of hand.

OFFT: What track is that in Twitter-picture?  :o


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OFFT: What track is that in Twitter-picture?  :o

Mixed 1 ... Route 2(?)  ;)
funny, I just asked myself the same question before reading your post.
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Mixed 1 ... Route 2(?)  ;)
funny, I just asked myself the same question before reading your post.
Joker lap races confirmed? :D

All the cars have proxies that are supposed to make the engine and the interior harder, but for some reason they recently started doing the opposite. While modding I had a similar issue, but it turned out to be a corrupt file, so not likely to have happened to all the cars.


I agree! The engine blocks shouldn't deform, and what are the cages good for if they do? lol

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But then again, have you seen cars crash at 100-200 km/h over and over again? Rollcage is not THAT strong in real life either. Additional, why you want back to the old dull deformation settings? It is so satisfying to create chaos now and after all - it's a game meant to be entertaining, not a simulator :)

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Yep, that's Mixed 1 Route 2.

The problem with proxies is that they're basically a box shape and anything that's inside them can be made more rigid. Now if you consider that we can't separately define that this is a roll cage and this is a body panel you can probably see the problem; the car is just a one big object. There used to be a time when the roof (and mostly the whole interior of the car) didn't deform as much but that turned out to be a problem when rolling over or someone hitting your roof. The issue with the engine is pretty much the same, in case the engine stays intact there will be parts floating in the air and clipping like crazy once the car has deformed.

I think ultimately the problem is that in real life the car would not be going after a major crash, whereas in a game it wouldn't be much fun.